exolife’s™ ‘snap –on’ battery case for the iPhone 4 isn’t just for Christmas

October 22, 2010 | 08:19

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exolife’s two piece ‘snap-on’ battery case for the iPhone 4 is best for protection and power

21st October 2010, London: As recent reports highlight a possible link between ‘slider cases' and the epidemic number of ‘glassgate’ iPhone’s, EXOGEAR proudly announce the exolife™, a ‘snap –on’ battery case designed for the iPhone 4. The exolife™ is the world’s thinnest and lightest battery case for the iPhone 4, that doubles the life of the iPhone. It is now available in the UK from www.exolife.co.uk, and comes in black or white for £64.99.

According to the report current iPhone 4 battery ‘slider cases’ have been dubbed as a contributing factor in ‘glassgate’ i.e. damage to the glass back of the iPhone 4 that results from debris trapped between a slider case and the phone. To date, all slider cases have been removed from Apple’s highstreet and online stores for further review.

The new exolife,™ is a 'snap-on' battery case made exclusively for the iPhone 4, which eliminates the ‘glassgate’ issue with its lightweight, two-part design. With the exolife™, the iPhone 4 lays flat on the bottom portion of the case and a polycarbonate bumper snaps on top to hold the phone securely in place, problem solved. Its tecSleek polycarbonate hard shell case provides protection against drops and scratches, while its battery virtually doubles the life of the iPhone 4. The exolife’s™ clever ExoClear technology also eliminates interference with your iPhone 4's reception, which is another common problem amongst other battery packs.

“We at EXOGEAR™ are proud to have created a quality product that will please both consumers and reviewers of exolife™. Our goal was not only to be the first to launch a battery case for the iPhone 4, but to market the best possible battery case to complement the cutting edge technology associated with Apple,” says EXOGEAR™ President, Justin Lim.

exolife™ for iPhone 4 is the only Apple approved battery case on the market. It is available from www.exolife.co.uk in black or white and retails for £64.99.

If users want to accessorise the exolife™, also available from www.exolife.co.uk are blue, green and clear coloured bumper cases priced at £11.99 each.

What you need to know:

Battery Life: 1500 mAh
On Standby: Additional 300 hours
Talk: Additional 7 hours
Surf: Additional 6 hours
Watch: Additional 10 hours
Listen: Additional 40 hours

Save: EcoSave automatically turns of the device when not in use

Sync: ExoSync provides quick and easy syncing with iTunes
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