HighNote Launches New Medium for Free Messaging

January 25, 2011 | 12:56

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A New Social Way to Message. Anywhere. Free.

San Francisco, CA & London UK, January 25, 2011 -- The new messaging app, HighNote, launched today for the iPhone, iPad, iTouch and Android phones. Though text messaging is still a widely used medium for communication, HighNote is creating the opportunity to deliver a more tailored way to communicate with maps, music, video, photos, greetings, and customized formatting to allow people to send truly rich multi-media messages. The application will improve the way people communicate on their phones by capturing the best of SMS and the richness of social networking apps without their limitations.

“At HighNote we’ve recognised the need that has arisen for a new communications medium that captures the simplicity and immediacy of text, but with a far greater degree of message richness designed for a more robust, purposed level of social communication,” says Marc Barach, CEO of HighNote. “It’s very exciting to provide consumers with a free app that enables them to send these rich messages around the world, in real time, for free. We think that’s pretty compelling.”

As the app market heats up with free SMS services and social networking platforms creating mobile apps, the market is seeing the need for more messaging options. HighNote aims to be more than another option, offering a new social experience to users. Having a fun and interactive conversation with friends is now easier for those who are interested in creating a more personal and immediate environment than what is offered in a social networking app.

Key Features of HighNote:

* Free messaging. Free app: The app is offered without any obtrusive advertisements across iPhone, iTouch, iPad, and Android. (Blackberry, Symbian, and Windows 7 coming soon.)
* Creative Content: The app allows users to include multiple types of media content within one message. Maps, videos, music, pictures, voice recordings and custom greetings can all be sent at once without having to hop in and out of an app.
* Quick-Reply Buttons: HighNote allows users to send messages that include customized quick reply buttons that enable the receiver to respond with a single tap using any number of media options.
* Cross Platform: Once downloaded, HighNote users can message each other anywhere for free. A web link will be sent out when messaging a non-HighNote user on any phone, which will allow them to view the message via a Web browser.

Pricing and availability:
HighNote is free to all users worldwide. The app is available on the iPhone, iPad, iTouch, and Android.

About HighNote --

HighNote aspires to bring people closer together by providing them a free new, more social way to message with each other. HighNote’s social communications revolve around the ability to share and rate music, videos or pictures, organize outings, exchange greeting cards and locations, and make their social life easier to manage. The HighNote service provides a new medium for messaging by helping people interact more richly with their friends next door and around the world for free. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California. For further information please see www.HighNote.com or check out the app on iTunes.
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