Hyperdevbox's Breakthrough Technology Sets a New Standard in Gaming for the Android Phone

March 6, 2010 | 09:44

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Hyperdevbox's Breakthrough Technology Sets a New Standard in
Gaming for the Android Phone

Tokyo, Japan (MMD Newswire) March 4, 2010 - - Hyperdevbox
Japan has emerged as a leader in the Android game market with
the release of ExZeus Arcade, a fast and furious 3D action game for
Android phones. ExZeus Arcade sets a new standard of technology
in the Android game market. Hyperdevbox Japan broke the 10MB
android memory app limitation and used NDK (native development
kit) for fast frame rate, not the old JAVA.

Breakthrough Technologies for Android Phone Gaming Developed
by Hyperdevbox:
1) Direct download to sdcard technology to break the 10MB Android
app limitation.
2) The first full game developed with the NDK (native development
kit) for the Android Phone.
3) Full custom sound driver to allow 16 channels of sound with 3D
sound support. At the moment, all of the other Android games are
limited to only a few different sounds.

ExZeus Arcade is an action packed, shoot'em up style, 3D game
with powerful weapons. ExZeus Arcade appeals to those who are
fans of 3D shooter and action games like Planet Harrier and Space
Harrier. The player has the choice of three different robot hero
options, all with varying skills and abilities. The primary objective is
to reclaim the Earth's surface using these three experimental robots.
The secondary objective is to investigate the alien war machine's
weaknesses and defeat the mysterious alien entity, Diadora. The
player pursues the traditional goals of defeating the enemy and
saving the world.
A Youtube video of ExZeus Arcade demonstrates that the speed of
games on the Android Phone can be the same quality as on
Nintendo DS or SONY PSP, thanks to Hyperdevbox_s new
technology: www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLa11Ah_nFQ

ExZeus Arcade for Android is available exclusively at Google's
Android market for $3.99 (USD).

ExZeus-Android webpage:

ExZeus-Title screenshot:

ExZeus-In game screenshot:

About Hyperdevbox:
Hyperdevbox Japan is a video game development studio based in
Tokyo, Japan. They develop original games for all major console
platforms and for coin operated dedicated hardware. They plan to
develop more quality titles for the android this year, using the same
technology used for ExZeus arcade.
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