LUXA2 H2, the New Mobile Holder Firmly holding Your Style

March 22, 2010 | 09:56

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LUXA2, the exclusive accessory brand with a simple touch of luxury for a unique lifestyle, offers a convenient way to make the best of your iPhone, smart phone or similar mobile devices. The elegant yet rather sturdy holder allows you to have your hands free for using your device or just enjoy the playback of multimedia content.

Sometimes, the most powerful image comes from the simplest design. If a product is not perfectly made, its flaws easily show. Therefore, it is crucial for a product to be made of refined materials with stylish design. The LUXA2 H2 mobile holder, a product of high quality and elegant simplicity, meets exactly these requirements.

Designed for iPod Touch, iPhone 3G & 3G S, iPod Classic and even most of the PDAs or smart phones available on the market today, the LUXA2 H2, is firm yet stylish. The LUXA2 H2 mobile holder is made of durable aluminum that is corrosive resistant, shiny and smooth. To ensure the perfection on every surface, brushed finish process is carefully applied on the H2.

The modern and sleek design of the LUXA2 H2 owes much to the silicone pad design, which is made to have a smooth and flat surface with adhesive performance for adhering to the flat surface of the attached object.

The LUXA2 H2 is equipped with a 360 degrees rotatable pivot which allows you to turn and flip your device freely, so you can have it always in a perfectly stable and ideal viewing angle. Have fun with your friends together now by just Turning, Flipping and Sharing.

With the exquisite craftsmanship of LUXA2, the LUXA2 H2 is decorated with beautiful and elegant Swarovski crystals to create a sense of elegance and luxury.

About LUXA2

LUXA2, a Division of Thermaltake, was created in 2009, with characteristics of simplicity, luxury, and unique lifestyle. The core design theory of LUXA2 starts from simple shapes blending with luxury elements, which create the unique lifestyle for different segments within the society such as Creative Pro, Mobile Blogger, Leisure Seeker, Hip Newbie, Entertainment Junkie, and Apple's Mac Lovers.

LUXA2 represent an emerging trend of "individuality" in the world. Not only do people need function, but they also need aesthetic appeal. This is what LUXA2 has achieved. Exquisite craftsmanship with aesthetic and elegant design style is a promise and commitment from LUXA2. Thus, the Simplicity, Luxury and Lifestyle of LUXA2 creates a Uniquely You.
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