Tilt, Bumper-Style Case and Stand for the New iPhone 4G, Hits Quirky's Online Store

July 16, 2010 | 10:52

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Tilt, Bumper-Style Case and Stand for the New iPhone 4G, Hits Quirky's Online Store
collaboratively developed in one week by Quirky's community

New York, NY, July 15, 2010 -- Today marks the official release of Tilt -- a community-developed case for the new iPhone 4. Your shiny new fourth-generation phone deserves not only a stylish case, but a clever one too. Look no further than the Quirky Tilt, a funky new bumper-style case and stand that protects the sensitive edges of your phone.

The Tilt is constructed of durable plastic, with a soft rubber front face and faceted edges. The sides of the case are angled for easy headphone cord wrapping, making your phone easier to grip. Tilt also has a handy built-in stand function -- just snap the back hinge to 90 degrees. You can choose between portrait and landscape modes to watch your favorite media or use the new FaceTime feature.

You can choose Tilt's modern cut-out design in classic black-on-black, or get whimsical with our white and purple combo. Give props to your phone with the Tilt from Quirky!

Tilt is the 50th product designed and developed by the Quirky community since Quirky’s launch on June 2, 2009. Quirky gives everyone the chance to get product ideas out of their heads and onto shelves. Each week, Quirky’s community collaborates to select and produce one new product idea. This week ends the development phase of Tilt, and it is now available for pre-sale in Quirky’s online store for $28 (MSRP: $30).

You might remember other successful Quirky products including the Cloak, a sleek, sturdy iPad case; the DigiDude, a portable camera tripod and keychain; the Scratch-n-Scroll, a mousepad with a writing surface; and the PowerCurl , a cord wrap for Apple's MagSafe power adapter.

Quirky engages participants to collaborate in every aspect of product creation -- from ideation, design, naming, manufacturing, marketing, right on through to sales. Anyone can participate on Quirky.com either by submitting their own product idea for $99, or by voting, rating, and influencing other people’s product ideas. Cooler still, 30¢ of every dollar generated from the sale of a Quirky product goes back to these influencers.

Every week, users post ideas on Quirky to be rated by the Quirky community. The community surveys the submissions during a seven-day evaluation period and selects one product to move forward into product development. Quirky’s community then begins weighing in on everything from naming to logo selection to packaging through to prototype.

The final product becomes available for pre-sale in the Quirky online store (quirky.com/products). Once the product hits its pre-sale threshold, credit cards are charged, and the product goes into production and delivery. At this point, 30¢ of every dollar made from the sale of these products goes back to the community. “Community” in this case covers both the ideator as well as all people who voted, commented, and rated the project idea along the way.
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