Acer launches new P7290 Video-projector - A true professional projection

February 13, 2010 | 13:35

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A True Professional Projection

London, 11th, February 2010 - When you are doing a business presentation,
you need high quality visuals that can truly engage your audience. What you
need is a premium performer. The new Acer P7290 is the perfect choice.
Matching superior quality and maximum reliability with leading technologies
designed to redefine image quality, the P7290 brings new levels of viewing
clarity to your business presentations.

Versatile, reliable and rich of innovative technologies designed to produce
an incredible visual experience this projector is ideal to deliver
high-impact presentations in large venues and can keep viewers glued to the

The P7290 reproduces images with more natural and balanced shades, achieving
truly lifelike tones, thanks to Acer ColorBoost II+ featuring an optimised
6-segment colour wheel design, a powerful image processor and an advanced
lamp waveform to improve colour performance. Colour brightness is enhanced
and automatically adapted to the displayed content with the aid of Acer
eView Management.

With HDMI(tm) and DVI-D ports the P7290 can be easily connected to many
different sources ensuring full digital connectivity for exceptional
high-definition viewing. The advanced lamp technology, with illumination of
up to 5000 ANSI lumens, and a 3000:1 contrast ratio ensure impressive
performance even in environments with bright ambient light.

Over time, projectors can be affected by colour decay that adds a yellowish
or greenish shade to the images on screen. Now Acer's projectors take
advantage of ColorSafe and DLP® technology to ensure picture integrity even
with prolonged use, making them virtually immune to colour decay.

The sober elegance of the P7290 is defined by a stylish surface, soft
texture and smooth rounded contours. The cover is complemented by an
eye-catching stripe that runs across the width of the projector portraying
timeless elegance. The dark steel-gray, semi-metallic finish of the surface
highlights the Acer logo. Complete with the Acer's highly functional
Empowering key for one button mode switching, the control pad is embedded on
a jet-black enclosure.

This new projector pairs exceptional visuals with remarkable flexibility. It
does away with the need to set up a screen thanks to the innovative
Blackboard mode that allows clear projection even on coloured surfaces. The
2D Keystone Correction fixes horizontal and vertical distortions so that the
audience can always see a perfectly rectangular image no matter where the
projector is placed.

Two built-in speakers enhance presentations and videos with finer sound,
while the S/PDIF-out port supports 5.1-channel digital sound for
multidirectional, more realistic audio effects. To experience awesome
5.1-channel audio with six speakers, simply connect the AV amplifier
S/PDIF-in to the S/PDIF-out port.

For more convenient usability the P7290 features a top-mounted lamp module
instead of the conventional bottom-loading design. As a result, the lamp can
be effortlessly changed even when the projector is mounted on the ceiling.

The P7290 is also equipped with the Wired Remote Control feature that allows
connecting the remote control with a cable up to 20m long for easier control
over long distances and for more convenient set up in big venues. A wired
remote control also offers a better management of the devices in a meeting

Up to 3000 hours of lamp life save lamp replacement costs ensuring long-term
dependable projector use. The extended lifespan and consistent image quality
lower the total cost of ownership and translate to big savings. Further
savings are ensured by the innovative DLP chip, enabling a filter-free
design for lower maintenance and operating costs

Besides providing extended lamp life, the P7290 is equipped with Acer
EcoProjection, an environment friendly management solution that reduces
standby power consumption by up to 80%. Plus, the projector automatically
enters ECO mode if there isn't any input signal for 5 minutes, with up to
20% additional power savings and automatically performs a safety shutdown if
it does not receive input for a certain time. Also included in the Acer
EcoProjection suite is Acer ePower Management, a tool that lets you create
customised power-saving configurations.

To improve ease-of-use, Acer has equipped its projector range with
Empowering Technology, a suite of tools designed to simplify access to
simple setup, viewing and timer utilities, making you more productive and
helping get the right message across first time.

The suite that includes the following modules:

§ Acer eView Management adjusts your projector settings to suit any
lightning environment and any type of content. Acer eView Management
features the innovative Blackboard Mode, a utility that allows users to
instantly project onto a traditional green chalkboard, without the need to
set up a separate white screen

§ Acer eTimer Management provides an onscreen visual cue to help keep
presentations on schedule.

§ Acer eOpening Management provides a simple way to create a customized
start-up screen.

Acer P7290 video-projector comes with 5 years warranty on the DLP chip and 1
year warranty on the lamp without hour limit and has an RRP of £1275.75 Ex
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