Acer Presents the New S5200 3D Ready Video-projector

February 13, 2010 | 13:34

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Enjoy School with 3D Lessons

London, 11th February 2010 - The era of 3D vision has begun. The third
dimension revolutionizes the viewing experience introducing depth and
feeling, literally throwing the audience right into the middle of the action
for a real full immersion. The new DLP 3D Ready Acer S5200 video-projector
display spectacular 3D videos and images for stunning 3D lessons that will
bewitch the students.

The three-dimensional experience is made possible by DLP 3D Ready technology
that, using high (120 Hz) refresh rates, can transform the flat surface of
the room wall into a 3D screen thanks to a combination of a PC with a
compatible graphic card and special 3D glasses. The possibilities unlocked
by this simple solution are limited only by our imagination: exploring the
incredible human anatomy or the universe in 3D detail; touring famous
archaeological sites just like being there...

How does it work? To interpret a 2D image as 3D, the human brain must be
tricked: each eye must see a slightly different image that the visual cortex
interprets as one. DLP technology is so fast it can actually produce two
images on the screen at the same time. Then 3D glasses combine the two
images to create a spectacular 3D effect.

With Ultra-Short Throw capability, this projector can display clear images
even if it is placed very close to the screen. At a distance of just 1 meter
sharp and accurate images can be displayed with a diagonal of up to 205 cm
(81"). Thanks to this feature presenters can avoid projector beams in the
eyes and don't cast shadows on the screen during their presentations. As a
result the S5200 offers greater flexibility and maximum viewing comfort,
making it ideal for education and professional projection scenarios.

The Acer S5200 is totally compliant with the Crestron Network System, a
solution offering complete control of the projector via LAN, including
monitoring, remote power on/off (may be scheduled), remote projection
management, including source selection and multiple-projector control.

The quality of images is warranted by top-class technologies designed to
enhance colour accuracy and sharpness. The S5200 reproduces images with more
natural and balanced shades, achieving truly lifelike tones, thanks to Acer
ColorBoost II+ featuring an optimised 6-segment colour wheel design, a
powerful image processor and an advanced lamp waveform to improve colour
performance. Colour brightness is enhanced and automatically adapted to the
displayed content with the aid of Acer eView Management.

Over time, projectors can be affected by colour decay that adds a yellowish
or greenish shade to the images on screen. Now Acer's projectors take
advantage of ColorSafe and DLP® technology to ensure picture integrity even
with prolonged use, making them virtually immune to colour decay.

An HDMI(tm) port provides seamless connection to the latest digital sources
ensuring exceptional high-definition viewing. The advanced lamp technology
with illumination of up to 3000 ANSI lumens a 2500:1 contrast ratio and
native XGA resolution help bringing a new level of brightness, colour and
clarity to the images.

Beguiling visuals are complemented by superior installation versatility.
Thanks to the innovative Blackboard mode, that allows clear projection even
on coloured surfaces, the S5200 does not need to set up a screen. The 40°
Vertical Keystone Correction fixes vertical distortions so that the audience
can always see a perfectly rectangular image no matter where the projector
is placed and lastly, users can easily change the lamp module even when the
projector is ceiling-mounted thanks to the Acer Top-loading Lamp design.

Up to 4000 hours of lamp life save lamp replacement costs ensuring long-term
dependable projector use. The extended lifespan and consistent image quality
lower the total cost of ownership and translate to big savings. Further
savings are ensured by the innovative DLP chip, enabling a filter-free
design for lower maintenance and operating costs.

What's more, the S5200 comes with Acer EcoProjection, an environment
friendly management solution that reduces standby power consumption by up to
80%. The projector automatically enters ECO mode if there isn't any input
signal for 5 minutes, with up to 20% additional power savings and
automatically performs a safety shutdown if it does not receive input for a
certain time. Also included in the Acer EcoProjection suite is Acer ePower
Management, a tool that lets you create customised power-saving

To improve ease-of-use, Acer projectors are equipped with Empowering
Technology, a suite of tools designed to simplify access to simple setup,
viewing and timer utilities, making you more productive and helping get the
right message across first time.

Acer S5200 video-projector comes with 5 years warranty on the DLP chip and 1
year warranty on the lamp without hour limit and has an RRP of £649 Inc VAT.
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