Choose your look – for AOC’s new ultra-slim WLED monitors with Full HD resolution.

July 2, 2010 | 03:38

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Berlin, 30 June 2010 – In modern flat screens, design and lifestyle have also become key purchasing criteria. AOC meets the desire for more individuality with two ultra-slim LCD flat screens whose front bezel can be styled with unique stickers. These models, kept in trendy white, make a striking impression with their crystal-clear frame and integrated LED strip. Thanks to Full HD resolution, WLED backlight and other innovative features, they also pack a punch in terms of performance.

Modern technology and exclusive design
With its new e2237Fwh 54.7 cm/22” and e2437Fh 61 cm/24”, AOC presents two displays which are remarkable in every aspect: state-of-the-art WLED backlight technology encased in a super thin body of only 22 mm depth. Their transparent frame with a crystal-clear finish is complemented by the discreetly mounted blue LED strip and user-friendly navigation touch ring. What is more, with a contrast ratio of 20,000,000:1 (DCR) the panels produce pictures which that are extremely rich in contrast.

Clever details
The transparent front bezel can be fashioned to your individual taste with exchangeable skins. And by not using a conventional monitor foot, these panels sport an especially modern and sophisticated look; whilst the inclination of the display can be comfortably adjusted via the practical stand. In addition, the i-Care sensor detects the intensity of ambient light and automatically adjusts monitor luminance, ensuring a more pleasant working environment.

Equipped with input options for D-Sub, DVI-D and HDMI (with HDCP), these flat screens leave nothing to be desired in terms of connectivity and multimedia diversity. A large number of alternative sources, such as net- and notebooks, can be hooked up effortlessly.

Environmentally friendly thanks to LED backlight
Because they are less energy-consuming and mercury-free, the use of LEDs as background lighting makes these new WLED monitors particularly environmentally friendly. The low energy consumption is easy on the environment as well as the wallet. Moreover, both monitors meet the international environmental standards of the EPEAT Silver certification.

The e2237Fwh and e2437Fh models will be available in August; retail prices have yet to be determined.
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