ASUS Xtreme Design - An Explanation!

July 24, 2009 | 14:09

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Xtreme Design – An Introduction

Xtreme Design is the branding that surrounds the multitude of features offered on ASUS motherboards. ASUS latest motherboards feature ground-breaking design innovations and offer the best in performance and reliability.

The Xtreme Design series of motherboards deliver exceptional system compatibility and reliability by managing and controlling core process operation within the PC. Drawing on two decades of engineering excellence, ASUS believes that superior motherboard design will provide the winning formula to surpass current user expectations and industry benchmarks.

ASUS leads the industry with designs that optimize overall performance and reliability of PC hardware and in the new Xtreme Design series motherboards, ASUS further raises the bar in motherboard designs to become the peak of performance, reliability, and safe operation.
What features does Xtreme Design Include?

There are three main branches within Xtreme Design:

· Xtreme Performance

o Xtreme Phase – Consistent Voltage for Superior Performance.

o Turbo V – Overclocking Utility from Within Windows.

o Turbo Key – Increase System Performance at the Touch of a Button.

· Xtreme Reliability

o Stack Cool 3+ - Stack Cool 2 & 2oz of Copper PCB for Lower Temperatures.

o Solid Capacitors – High Quality and Long Lifespan Components

· Xtreme Safety

o EMI Shielding – Minimal Interference to Electronics and Other Devices.
What benefits do these bring to the Consumer?

Xtreme Performance:

For the ultimate experience in performance, Xtreme Design features Xtreme phase technology to ensure the most stable and optimized power delivery; Turbo V for a real-time, dynamic processing boost and Turbo Key for increased performance at the touch of a button. These features allow motherboard enthusiasts to experience optimal power performance under various loading conditions as well as an overwhelming boost of up to 51% in processing throughput with Turbo V.

Xtreme Phase Power

The ASUS Xtreme Phase Power Design automatically utilizes more phases to deliver more power. Utilizing more phases actually results in lower average power loading for each phase, allowing more stable power to obtain higher overclocking performance. Xtreme Phase Power also allows ripple voltage to remain more stable – Less fluctuation in current is better!

ASUS P5Q Deluxe

Equivalent Competitor

The ASUS Xtreme Phase Power Design is also able to automatically switch power phases in relation to current loading—ensuring that the overall power supply is stable. With such increased power efficiency stability is enhanced and smoother operations can be obtained under any loading. As well as the added benefit of reduced power loss, lower operating temperatures are achieved. The ASUS Xtreme Phase Power Design can then maximize power, achieving better performance and increased stability whilst enhancing power efficiency and decreasing temperatures under load.

Furthermore, the Xtreme Phase Power Design utilizes top quality VRM components available in all ASUS motherboard models, which include: Low RDS (on) MOSFETs, Ferrite core chokes and high quality conductive polymer capacitors—allowing users to enjoy greater component durability and an increased product lifespan.



Just like racing cars, PC’s can be fine tuned for the best possible performance available to the specification. ASUS have developed the TurboV software utility to allow overclocking without having to restart the machine each time or enter those scary BIOS screens!


The user friendly interface makes overclocking simple and achievable for the masses. ASUS even provides a number of pre-set profiles to provide the best options for different scenarios. Using TurboV much better overclocks are obtainable. Accompanied by Xtreme Phase Technology, overclocks are now more stable and more impressive than ever!

M/B: P5Q PRO Turbo

CPU: E8600/E0 3.33GHz

DDR2-1300 1GB x2 (TXDD1024M1300HC6)

VGA: Nvidia 9800GTX

HDD: Hitachi SATAII 160G

OS: Vista 32 Ultimate SP1

Turbo Key

The ASUS Turbo Key is an exclusive feature that transforms the PC power button into a physical overclocking button. After completing the easy setup from the driver disc, the user is provided with the ability to boost performance levels with just a push of a button—presenting users with faster, more powerful performance without interrupting ongoing work or games!

Xtreme Design features the innovative Stack Cool3+ to enhance motherboard component longevity and reduce temperatures. It is a feature that has evolved from the original ASUS patented Stack Cool 2 design to add a specially designed copper PCB layers to ensure our Stack Cool3+ motherboards are cooler than our competitors. It also features top quality VRM components, which include: Low RDS (on) MOSFETs, Ferrite core chokes and high quality, Japanese made conductive polymer capacitors

Stack Cool 3+

Xtreme Design features the innovative Stack Cool3+ to enhance motherboard component longevity.. Stack Cool3+ effectively cools motherboards with additional PCB layers to provide a stable and low operating temperature for optimized data transmissions. By substantially improving heat dissipation, the new series offers users exceptional reliability. This innovation builds on ASUS’ pioneering achievement as the first adopter of innovative cooling technology, which transformed the way motherboards are designed.

Utilising good circuit design, good thermal designs and tactical placement of components, ASUS Xtreme Design motherboards are up to 17% cooler than the competitors.

Solid Capacitors

Xtreme Design utilizes top quality VRM components which include: Low RDS (on) MOSFETs, Ferrite core chokes and high quality conductive polymer capacitors—allowing users to enjoy greater component durability and a longer product lifespan.

Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) specifies the standards used for industrial activities in Japan. The standardization process is coordinated by Japanese Industrial Standards Committee and published through Japanese Standards Association.

Xtreme Safety

Unsurpassed safety standards are incorporated in the Xtreme Design series of motherboards for safe operations. ASUS follows stringent Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) testing practices that are 30% more rigorous than any other industry benchmarks. The new motherboards have exceptionally low EMI emissions and together with a low Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) and the Q-Shield I/O bracket, EMI is significantly reduced to prevent any negative health impact and potential damage to components.

EMI Protection

ASUS Xtreme Design utilises a cleverly crafted PCB layout design to cut the roots of component EMI leaks from the rear I/O Panel. Coupled with a special “finger” design on the I/O itself to ensure appropriate resistance to EMI, the EMI output is cut drastically.

With specially designed ESD Protection chips, ESD is significantly reduced and thus the risk of component damage is reduced with it. ESD is dangerous to components and can cause instability and damage, with the introduction of our ESD technology, the risk is decreased massively in comparison to competitors motherboards, with up to 4 times stronger protection against ESD on ASUS motherboards.

ASUS motherboards with Xtreme Design encompass numerous technologies to bring the consumer a well designed, innovative and quality product. Whilst some competitors utilise similar technologies, they are purely on a component level and don’t incorporate such innovative designs.
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