MSI UK Details its Sandy Bridge Exchange Program

Written by Ben Hardwidge

March 10, 2011 | 13:37

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MSI Intel® 6 Series Motherboards and Notebook Support
Responding to the Intel-identified Sandy Bridge chipset design error

MSI has been informed by Intel about the design issues in the Intel 6 series chipsets and a solution is ready to be provided to our customers. According to Intel, the performance of some of the Intel SATA ports on Intel 6 series products can degrade over a period of 3 years, but no peripheral damage or data loss occurs. MSI takes the quality of our products very seriously; we have worked closely with Intel and channel partners to stop all shipment and accept the return of Intel P67 and H67 motherboards, as well as MSI HM67 G-Series laptops, until the issue is resolved.

MSI UK encourages end users to register affected Intel 6 Series notebooks or motherboards with MSI before 30th April 2011 to be eligible for motherboard replacement and/or notebook upgrade detailed as follows:

Please note - no affected notebook models have been sold in the UK.

1. Eligible products

a) HM67 G-Series notebooks: End users are eligible to receive an upgrade to MSI's next generation G-Series notebook upon its availability. Note - UK Models Unaffected.

b) P67 and H67 motherboards: End users are eligible for a replacement with the new B3 stepping of the Intel 6 series motherboard, which solves the current SATA2 port issues up its availability. For the short term, end users may connect storage devices to the safe white SATA3 ports on current 6 Series Motherboards for more detailed instructions please click here.

MSI Mainboards (Intel© P67 and H67)

MSI Notebooks (Intel© HM67)

2. Replacement or Upgrade Process

MSI UK will offer end users a choice of two product exchange methods. The standard exchange program is open to any end user wishing to exchange their existing MSI Sandy Bridge Mainboard for a B3 version of the same model. End users with a verified paypal account can opt for an advanced replacement service.

Standard Replacement
Step1: Register eligible products with MSI and receive a confirmation email from MSI.

Step2: MSI UK will contact you to arrange a collection date once replacement stock is available.

Step3: City Link with collect the product and return to a UK based service centre.

Step4: Your brand new replacement product will be shipped out from MSI UK by City-Link Next Day shipping upon receiving your original product.

Advanced Replacement
Step1: Register eligible products with MSI and receive a confirmation email from MSI

Step2: MSI UK will send you a paypal payment request invoice for the value of the replacement product once replacement stock is available.

Step3: MSI will dispatch your brand new replacement product by City-Link Next day shipping upon receiving the payment.

Step4: City-Link will collect your original product at the same time as the delivery is made and return it to a UK service centre.

Step5: Your payment will be refunded in full upon receipt of your original product.
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For further questions regarding replacement of MSI Intel P67/H67 motherboards and HM67 notebooks, end users may contact MSI at

MSI apologise that we can only accept paypal for advanced replacement.

MSI UK aim to keep the time you will be without board to an absolute minimum, however we cannot be responsible for unforseen delays.

Please ensure you pack the board in the original packaging (where possible), and ensure it is sealed and packed securely ready to be picked up. If any damage occurs in transit due to inadequate packaging, you may be held liable for the cost.

We accept collections from your home or work address, however if the package is not ready for the courier at the pre-agreed time, you will be responsible to pay the cost of recollection.

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