Sitecom: Double the frequencies, double the performance

March 12, 2010 | 17:12

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Sitecom is reacting to the growing use of heavy network applications by equipping its routers with Simultaneous Dual-band technology, with which wireless signals can be sent and received via the standard 2.4 GHz band and the less congested 5 GHz band simultaneously to give uninterrupted performance for streaming, gaming and VoIP.

Rotterdam (the Netherlands), March 2010 - The growth of the Internet has resulted in many new possibilities and nowadays wireless networks are not only used to surf the Internet or to send e-mails. An increasing number of users watch their favourite videos on YouTube, play online games and call their friends and family anywhere in the world via Skype. In order to react to the increasing demand for solutions to make this heavy use possible, Sitecom has equipped its routers with advanced Simultaneous Dual-band technology. The Sitecom Simultaneous Dual-band Routers can send and receive wireless signals via the standard 2.4 GHz band and the less congested 5 GHz band simultaneously. The less congested 5 GHz frequency allows for uninterrupted performance for time-sensitive applications, such as streaming audio and HD films, gaming and VoIP. Both wireless frequencies operate via the latest wireless “N” standard in order to guarantee speeds of up to 300 Mbps with an optimal wireless range.

“Streaming media via the standard 2.4 GHz frequency can lead to interference caused by other demanding applications on the network, such as downloading large files, online gaming and VoIP (telephone calls via the Internet). The standard 2.4 GHz band is often also used by other devices which operate on the same wireless frequency, such as wireless telephones or microwaves, which can cause interference on the network. As a result, problems may occur when streaming favourite YouTube videos or the user may get “Lag” (receiving data too late over the network) whilst playing the favourite game Counter Strike online”, said Virginia Yanquilevich, Marketing & Communication Manager. “By using the less congested 5 GHz band for time-sensitive applications, such as streaming audio and HD films, online gaming and VoIP, optimal wireless performance is made possible without audio or video interference.”

Simultaneous Dual-Band

Sitecom stands for simplicity and user-friendliness and, for that reason, the Simultaneous Dual-band routers have the OPS (One Push Set-up) function. By pressing the OPS button on the router for 0 - 5 seconds and then the OPS button on the Dual-band adapter, which is connected to a PC, notebook or media player, a connection is created via the standard 2.4 GHz frequency. By pressing the OPS button on the router for 5 - 10 seconds, the user can create a connection via the less congested 5 GHz band and enjoy the freedom of a stable and constant network connection. To make it even simpler, all Sitecom Simultaneous Dual-band routers have “out of the box” security as standard which uses the latest WPA2 security standard. It’s easy with Sitecom.

The WL-350 Wireless Media Router 300N from the recently launched Smart Living range and the WL-328 Concurrent Dual-band Router from the Pure E-motion | X range both have advanced Simultaneous Dual-band technology. Just like all other Sitecom products, these solutions have an extensive 10-year Sitecom warranty.

About Sitecom

Sitecom is one of EMEA's leading and fastest growing brands for home networking and connectivity solutions. Sitecom makes no concessions to quality, performance, design and, in particular, user-friendliness. Simplicity is what Sitecom is all about. The Sitecom brand has a clear mission statement: to convert technical products into solutions which users can use immediately without any problems.

The company was established in 1998 and its head office is located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. With 65 employees working in offices in six different countries, Sitecom is active in 18 countries in EMEA. Sitecom offers 200 innovative products, network solutions and computer accessories for use in the home and by small businesses. For more information about Sitecom, please visit
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