Sitecom uses animated videos in a language consumers understand to demo 3 smart living products

May 28, 2010 | 02:51

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Rotterdam (the Netherlands), May 2010 - Sitecom is updating its website with a digital information centre where the user, through the use of films and short texts, can learn about the latest technologies and Sitecom solutions and also experience how easy it is to create and expand a secure wireless network. The first three films in the Information Centre are short, informative cartoons in which Albert, the lead character, and his family show the end user how they can easily organise their digital photographs, films and music using products from the new Smart Living range so that they can get optimal enjoyment from them.


“Sitecom converts technical products into user-friendly solutions which users can easily use straight away. At Sitecom, we want to help consumers to use technologies which make their life easier. With this philosophy in mind, we see it as our duty to provide information about the advantages of new technologies and the user-friendliness of Sitecom products and we have, therefore, created a new innovative platform, the Sitecom Information Centre,” explained Virginia Yanquilevich, Marketing Manager of Sitecom. “We use cartoons to inform end users in a way which is very meaningful. The short films, which last approximately two minutes, are both informative and entertaining. The viewer follows Albert, the lead character, and his family in their search for a simple solution to get the most from their digital photographs, films and music. Sitecom speaks the consumers' language and uses recognisable situations and humour to explain the advantages and user-friendliness of the Smart Living solutions.”

Visit Sitecom's online Information Centre and meet Albert!

About Sitecom

Sitecom is one of EMEA's leading and fastest growing brands for home networking and connectivity solutions. Sitecom makes no concessions to quality, performance, design and, in particular, user-friendliness. Simplicity is what Sitecom is all about. The Sitecom brand has a clear mission statement: to convert technical products into solutions which users can use immediately without any problems.

The company was established in 1998 and its head office is located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. With 65 employees working in offices in six different countries, Sitecom is active in 18 countries in EMEA. Sitecom offers 200 innovative products, network solutions and computer accessories for use in the home and by small businesses. For more information about Sitecom, please visit
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