Daevinity puts "Personal" back into Personal Computing

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September 7, 2012 | 10:41

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Daevinity puts "Personal" back into Personal Computing with the launch of their entirely new range.

"Computers aren't just machines, they are an extension of us. They allow us to communicate over vast distances, to interact with the world around us. Our ethos at Daevinity, is to build desktop pcs of exceptional value and performance without compromising on quality or individuality. Individuality should be embraced, even with technology. This is why every system we offer can be customised to meet or exceed the needs of our customers." (Daevinity Ltd's Managing Director).

The new range of PCs from Daevinity has finally been launched after almost 4 months of extensive development; each of the 5 models feature a further 3 editions all of which can be customised further based on individual needs and requirements.

• Cerebral (Axis / X-Ray / Surge)
• Dreadnaught (3 / 5 / 5X)
• ISL (A / B / C)

• ISC E Series (Three 1 / Three 2 / Three 3)
• ISC Platinum Series (Voice / Seriph / Symphony)

(*ISC Series for Business Customers Only*)

Each model and edition features high quality components from manufacturers such as Corsair, CoolerMaster, Thermaltake, Asus, Gigabyte, G-Skill, OCZ, and NZXT. This attention to quality and performance is continued throughout the entire PC and isn't limited to just key areas / components whilst every PC is hand built to order.

Leading the personal range is their flagship model, the Cerebral Series which has been designed specifically for professional gamers and media / graphic designers who demand the highest performance. Featuring a foundation of at least 3.3GHz processor (up to 3.8Ghz), 1200w PSU, a 3GB Graphics Card, enhanced CPU cooling, Blu Ray Re-Writer, over 2TB storage, SSD, 300mbps N router wifi card, 16GB RAM, top of the range Asus motherboard and wrapped in the stealthy Corsair Obsidian 800D Full Tower Case; the Cerebral series is definitely setting very high standards especially with prices starting at just over £1,500 (VAT incl).

A corporate only range has also been designed comprising of the E-Series and the Platinum Series; the E-series is designed as a workstation and the Platinum Series as a tailored solution. As with the personal computers, these can be also be customised enabling businesses to enjoy the same benefits as those enjoyed by our personal customers.

For full specifications, please visit our e-store at www.daevinitystore.com.

About Daevinity

Daevinity Ltd. (www.daevinity.com) is a high quality independent UK-based custom PC builder, we also supply peripherals, monitors, software, provide annual PC maintenance on systems purchased from us, provide Corporate Consultancy Services, offer free advice and also provide a laptop sourcing service. Our product range spans home user systems, workstations, business systems, gaming rigs, graphic design workhorses and 100% custom PC's. We also offer peripherals, PC components, and accessories. Every system is hand built to order, irrespective of product purchase value and fully tested by hand eliminating the problems that mass manufacturing can present; we believe in the personal 1-2-1 approach to great customer and product service. We are also a vetted / monitored Checkatrade member.
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