DFI and Falcon-Northwest Team Up to Roll Out microATX X58 Gaming PC

March 11, 2009 | 09:25

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Hannover, 2009/03/03, DFI –DFI LANParty is currently the only brand in the world to have a complete microATX motherboard product series, and also the only brand on the market to mass produce microATX X58 motherboards.

In CeBIT 2009, LANParty and Falcon-Northwest, a well-known North American brand, team up to showcase the mini gaming PC, “Fragbox II”, which is based on LANParty’s JR X58-T3H6 motherboard. This gaming PC boasts DFI’s winning wiring capability and Falcon Northwest’s superb device design, is made to fit extreme space constraints and is embedded with an Intel Core i7 CPU, 3-channel memory storage and an ATI HD4870X2 display card.

Current gaming PCs is lahuge, and for gamers with space constraints, these PCs is not their best choice. With “Fragbox II”, not only can gamers enjoy uninterrupted gaming experience, this powerful mini gaming PC saves space. For more related product information, please visit the following website.

LANParty JR X58-T3H6: www.LANParty.com.tw
Falcon Northwest: www.falcon-nw.com

About Fragbox II
1. MB: DFI JR X58-T3H6
2. CPU: Intel Core i7 920
3. VGA: ATI HD 4870X2
4. Memory: Kingston HyperX PC3 14400, 1G*3
5. PSU: Silverstone 750W

About LANParty
DFI manufactures full series high-tech mainboards and products for special platforms to meet the demands of PC market and special application market. We also cooperate with Intel and top chip manufacturers to develop up-to-date chips and mainboards. LanParty is an over-clocking mainboard brand of DFI, which satisfies the customers that require high efficiency with top grade materials and excellent design.
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