MSI announces the Wind Top AE2210 All-in-One PC

Written by Ben Hardwidge

April 26, 2011 | 10:38

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MSI announces the Wind Top AE2210 All-in-One PC
One for All and All-in-One

MSI is proud to present the Wind Top AE2210 All-in-One PC with Intel's latest Sandy Bridge platform. Next to the 22” Full-HD Multi-Touch display, the AE2210 is equipped with Hollywood-class THX TruStudio Pro™ surround sound technology for a high quality surround sound. To make sure data can be transferred at a high speed, the AE2210 is equipped with USB 3.0. The exclusive Super Charger technology reduces charging time of USB devices by 40% and charges even when the system is off. The user friendly interface with unique software like YouCam v4.0 and ArtRage3 makes sure users can enjoy both working and playing on MSI's latest All-in-One PC.

High Quality Audio & Video Performance
The Wind Top AE2210 offers a theater-grade 1080P Full HD widescreen display. The AE2210 comes with Intel's newest high performance Sandy Bridge platform. Intel(r) HD2000 graphics offer Quick Sync Video technology which makes editing and sharing videos easier and faster. Next to this, Clear Video HD technology automatically improves images to the level as they were meant to be seen. Next to the great image quality on the AE2210, this All-in-One PC is equipped with THX TruStudio Pro™ audio technology. Sound performance is greatly enhanced with this unique technology and it provides an even more lifelike audio with its superb surround sound. With just 2 speakers, users can enjoy 5.1 channel surround sound in a Hollywood-class sound quality.

A Quick & Convenient Lifestyle
To make life even more efficient, the Wind Top AE2210 comes with high speed USB 3.0 ports. USB 3.0 offers transfer speeds up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0. With the Wind Top AE2210’s USB 3.0 interface, users can enjoy even faster high quality data transfers like movies, videos, and other types of large capacity file formats. The AE2210 uses Super Charger technology, which not only lets a USB device recharge while the All-in-One is turned off, but also reduces charging time by 40%. Never again will users need to start up their All-in-One just to charge a device which increases life convenvience.

Exclusive Multi-Touch Software
The Windtouch multi-touch software on the Wind Top AE2210 is suitable for the entire family to use. With only the press of one fingertip, users can check the weather, date and time in any city in the world, check photos and enjoy video/speech recordings with a clear and user-friendly interface. The AE2210 is also equipped with ArtRage3 professional artwork software, which gives everyone the possibility to paint like Picasso. Furthermore, YouCam v4.0 gives videos all kinds of funny and interesting visual effects that cannot only be integrated with MSN and Skype, but can also directly upload video files to YouTube or Facebook. The exclusive software can even be used for surveillance: when movement is detected, the computer can be directed to begin recording.

VESA wall mount compatibility
MSI AE2210 is VESA wall mount compatible which ensures that your All-in-One has the convenience to be mounted to the wall in where ever you want in your home. In this way spacesaving and look & feel are some extra benefits to MSI's AE2210.
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