Overclockers UK Exclusive: Introducing BitFenix Colossus M

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November 21, 2013 | 12:23

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BitFenix have launched the Colossus M mini ITX & micro ATX LAN gaming case. Featuring a sharp, angular, futuristic design, supplemented by the unique BitFenix LiteTrack 3 colour mode lighting system. A spacious interior can house the event most potent of LAN gaming systems.

BitFenix introduced have revelled in the great success of their Prodigy & Phenom case lines, which have revolutionised Mini ITX & Micro ATX Gaming chassis. Today we see the launch of the BitFenix Colossus M, featuring the unique patented LiteTrak lighting system. Users are able to select between red, green & blue with a variety of display options such as pulse mode which cycles through every colour with a pulsing effect. Activated by a single push of a button!

Available in two very distinct flavours; Micro ATX and Mini ITX. Giving users the flexibility to choose which chassis form factor suits their needs most. The optical drive bay is neatly concealed behind the anglular front door for a futuristically clean look.

The interior of the mini ITX Colossus M allows for a maximum capacity of five 3.5“ HDDs or eight 2.5“ SSDs, providing the best in class storage capability for it’s size and form factor. Removing the patented FlexCage will allow users to install full length performance 330mm graphics cards, ideal for power users. The mini ITX Colossus can accomadate CPU cooler heatsinks up to 175mm in height and will support thick 240mm (120.2) watercooling radiators for the hard core enthusiasts. Ideal as a media server, NAS, or discreet work PC.

The micro ATX Colossus M is geared towards gamers and power users. With a larger form factor, greater expandability is possible. Featuring no less than 5 expansion slots which is perfect due to the support for dual performance graphics cards up to 320mm in length. Storage capacity is ample with room for four 3.5“ HDDs or three 2.5“ SSDs. The micro ATX Colossus can support CPU Coolers up to 160mm in height and slim 240mm (120.2) watercooling radiators, hardware compatibility is key with the BitFenix Colossus.

Both versions of the Bitfenix Colossus M benefit from the luxurious patented SoftTouch surface treament, which gives a beautiful matte finish. Additonally both Mini ITX and Micro ATX versions are available in stunning Midnight Black with the unique patented LiteTrak system.

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