Social networking has never been so easy with Packard Bell's new M series

April 27, 2010 | 13:35

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Packard Bell EasyNote M Series

Your network at your fingertips

· Cool design and finishes available in multiple colours

· One key for complete social networking

· Enhanced control keys

· Your total computing solution

The Packard Bell EasyNote M Series is the comprehensive solution for your everyday digital life. Designed for mobility and extremely elegant, it provides smart functionalities – like Packard Bell Social Networks the unique social networking key, and enhanced entertainment capabilities, while perfectly fitting all day multitasking.

The different screen sizes available will let you find the most suitable notebook for your lifestyle. The 14-inch widescreen EasyNote NM is perfect if your focus is portability, while the 15.6-inch EasyNote TM can better match a more combined use at home and on-the-go. The 17.3-inch EasyNote LM is ideal for the best cinematic experience or for taking the theater with you, wherever you go.

Elegant design and contemporary styling

The mix of glossy and matt finishes with wave pattern on the cover creates a balance of contrasts and gives the series a unique and appealing look. Glossy black interior is gracefully curved for a deluxe feel.
Available in four alluring colours, the Packard Bell EasyNote M series lets you express your personality: Silk Silver and NightSky Black, chic & distinctive if you like to be noticed, Starlight White if you prefer an essential chic style. Cashmere Red adapts to sporty and energetic personalities.

The matt finish avoids leaving finger prints.

Complete social networking at one key

The coolest application ever! The innovative Packard Bell Social Networks application puts today's most popular social networking sites in one single place, which you can easily access by pressing the Packard Bell Social Networks key on your notebook.

This special key launches a stylized, easy-to-use sidebar on the right side of your screen: you can either display the full application or a small alert strip to receive the real-time status of your favorite networking sites, including Facebook, YouTube™ and Flickr.

No need to launch an Internet navigator at all! Directly from your desktop, Packard Bell Social Networks lets you instantly post comments, play games, update your profiles, view or share photos and videos, and manage your entire online social life more easily than ever before.

Your notebook's built-in webcam and microphone gear you up for high-resolution face-to-face chats with friends and family, wherever you are.

Enhanced control keys

The EasyNote M Series is designed for easy style and friendly usage. The easy typing fine-tip keyboard with numeric keypad, , and the multi-gesture touchpad gives the maximum ease-of-use.

The enhanced control keys let you play, stop, go to previous or next track when playing your favourite songs or videos. The multi-gesture touchpad makes your navigation simple, quick and efficient: manipulate pictures and artwork easily, instinctively zoom in and out, browse photos, websites and documents just with two fingers!

Your total computing solution

Enjoy fun and play in daily computing: smart performances satisfy multitasking with built-in valued applications.

The EasyNote M Series notebooks are ideal for on-the-go movie enthusiasts, people who want to enjoy movies alone or with friends, every time and everywhere. The hi-def Diamond View LCD display with 16:9 widescreen and the Blu-ray Disc[1] or DVD drive provide a premium cinematic experience.

Last but not least the HDMI™ connector lets users enjoy an HD TV living-room entertainment via their EasyNote M Series notebook!

To satisfy all computing needs, the Packard Bell EasyNote M series notebooks feature Intel® Core™ processors, up to 8 GB Ram memory, discrete graphics card from NVIDIA® or ATI, up to 640 GB storage capacity along with the full version of Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 7

The Packard Bell EasyNote M series will be available starting from April in European outlets

Availability, price and technical features will vary according to countries.

About Packard Bell

Packard Bell pioneered the use of the PC in the home, taking an office tool and turning it into a friendly, indispensable feature of today's modern home. Stylish products with cool features, accessible to everyone, are the hallmarks of the brand - a unique combination that no other brand in the European market offers today. In 2008, Taiwan-based Acer Inc. acquired Packard Bell. In 2009, the Acer Group fully benefited from its multi-brand strategy, establishing itself as the second-largest PC company in the world and as the number two worldwide notebook vendor. Within the Acer Group, Packard Bell strives to design environmentally friendly products and establish a green supply chain through collaboration with suppliers.

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