AVerMedia Launches the World First 3D TV Tuner Lineups

August 26, 2010 | 09:27

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AVerMedia Technologies, Inc., the leading provider of digital multimedia technology announced today the release of AVer MediaCenter 3D beta version, an application to satisfy your visual sensation with live 3DTV on PC. AVer MediaCenter 3D beta version allows users enjoy immersive visual entertainment from live 3DTV programs. It debuts with AVerMedia top seller TV tuner cards AVerTV TwinStar PCI-E, AVerTV Duo Hybrid PCI-E II, AVerTV CaptureHD, and AVerTV TwinStar. Customers who have purchased these products can get the latest AVer MediaCenter 3D beta version from AVerMedia official website with free of charge.

3DTV is the next big thing for entertainment. It has been applied to theatrical releases, Blu-ray 3D, video games, and even the popular YouTube online video. Thanks for the 3D technology evolution, the “fat” 3D video can now be compressed and transmitted via the existing TV standards. To create a PC-based media center, AVerMedia has well-prepared for the brand new 3D era with 3D-ready application and products. No need to pay a bunch of money for a 3D-ready TV set, watching and recording live 3DTV programs can now be done right on your PC. Plus, it also supports playing back 3DTV recordings. Experiencing live 3DTV thrills is just that easy.

To watch live 3DTV via AVer MediaCenter 3D beta version, NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ Kit, 3D-supported graphics card and 3D-ready display are required for the eye-popping 3D illusion. AVer MediaCenter 3D beta version can works well with AVerTV TwinStar PCI-E, AVerTV Duo Hybrid PCI-E II, AVerTV CaptureHD, and AVerTV TwinStar. AVerTV TwinStar PCI-E and AVerTV Duo Hybrid PCI-E II are the best choices for heavy users who want to watch/record two programs at the same time. AVerTV CaptureHD is a hybrid TV tuner card with HD capture feature which enables users to preserve both SD and HD content onto the hard disk. The USB-interfaced AVerTV TwinStar equips dual DVB-T TV tuners and an embedded antenna for flexible TV watching and robust signal reception on the go. To know about more about the power of live 3DTV, please visit www.avermedia.com/avertv

About AVerMedia Technologies, Inc.
AVerMedia (www.avermedia.com) is the technology leader in Digital Multimedia Video Convergence Technologies. Aside from its full line of TV Tuners/ Personal Video Recorder products, AVerMedia provides Document Cameras, Digital Video Maker, TV Photo Viewer and PC-to-TV Converters for consumer and corporate/ educational markets. AVerMedia also partners with PC ODM’s for the development of AVerMedia’s technologies for integration applications.
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