Become ICONIC with noblechairs!

Written by Dave Alcock

May 26, 2017 | 18:53

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Become ICONIC with noblechairs!

Friday 26th May 2017 - ​Quality, comfort, and style - these are the watchwords at noblechairs, which makes us pleased to announce the launch of a brand new lineup that offers all of the above. Introducing the all-new ICON Series, comprising 7 different models that represent an exceptional and distinctive contribution to the noblechairs range of luxurious chairs.

Become ICONIC with noblechairs!
The ICON Series is designed with comfort in mind, and noblechairs has listened to the community feedback constructing a brand new design that sets itself apart from other gaming chairs. The cold cured foam has been reformulated offering more cushioning whilst the back has been optimised to provide an improved ergonomic support, the EPIC Series is renowned for the high quality materials, and the ICON follows suit. The ICON Series has a 20% stronger five star base supporting heavier weight making it more durable and long lasting, and the armrests have been improved using dark chrome elements.

Become ICONIC with noblechairs!
The ICON Series is constructed using only the best materials, with a highly stylised design and exquisite detailing across the full range. The materials used are in a different class compared to the competition. The PU leather used on the EPIC series is 1.5mm thick, which is between 25-60% thicker than the rest of the models available on the market.

The top-grain leather are due to arrive early next week, and the models employ an even thicker 2mm covering of leather for an unbeatable premium finish. noblechairs don’t stop there though, utilising 2mm thick steel for the chair frame, compared to the 1mm-1.5mm thickness frames found in most other chairs, augmenting the durability and contributing to the superior construction of every noblechair that leaves the factory.

Become ICONIC with noblechairs!

Seating comfort is a huge part of what makes noblechairs unique. Unlike many other chairs on the market, noblechairs use a 55% density freshly moulded cold cured foam straight from the factory, not using recycled scraps. This lends every noblechair a distinctive and firm feel when sat upon for the first time, and after a few weeks of daily use the chair will adapt to your posture.

Due to the density and the high quality of foam used, you can rest assured that the ICON is built to last. Furthermore the chair's padding retains its ergonomic shape even after extended periods of use, thereby preventing the deformation of the seating area that is found on many other chairs. This is one of the main reasons that noblechairs are happy to offer a full 2-year warranty on every purchase.

There are 3 models available in top-grain leather: Cognac with Black accents, Midnight Blue with Graphite, and Black. There are also 4 PU models: Black, Black with Blue, Black with Platinum White and Black with Red accents.

The ICON PU Leather is priced at £329.99, and the ICON top-grain leather is priced at £519.99, noblechairs is set to redefine the concept of luxury gaming.

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About noblechairs: At noblechairs, we understand there are numerous choices when it comes to purchasing an executive swivel chair. A visionary brand style and distinction in its seating experience. Inspired by the mystique, allure and class of high-end car interiors, founder Toni Sonn conceived an ergonomic executive chair detailed with a stylized racing look for the customer with discerning taste. Henceforth, the brand noblechairs and its legacy of high-quality design and top-notch manufacturing was born. On the precipice of new innovative customized designs, noblechairs reigns supreme at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and class.
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