Record & Play 3D Content Faster than Ever with Plextor: Plextor Announce 12x Internal Blu-ray Writer

November 11, 2010 | 11:26

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Record & Play 3D Content Faster than Ever with Plextor

Plextor Announce 12x Internal Blu-ray Writer PX-LB950Sa

November 10th, 2010 – Plextor have today announced the launch of the PX-LB950Sa – a super-fast 12x Internal Blu-ray writer with 3D playback capabilities.

Plextor is renowned for its high-performance media solutions, and the PX-LB950Sa is no exception. With 12x Blu-ray playback, bundled software for incredible playback performance and LightScribe for the perfect labels and finishing touch it ideally suited for time and quality-conscious users seeking a high capacity back-up solution or those wanting a top performance add-in for a media PC.

The PX-LB950Sa is available from November across Europe for approximately £154 inc VAT.

Key Features:

* 12x Blu-ray playback - records a single layer Blu-ray disc (25GB) in 12 minutes

* Offers superb data accuracy at high speeds

* Designed to offer lower noise and vibrations

* PowerDVD9 BD Suite software

* PlexUtilities software

* LightScribe disc labelling technology

* 2 year on-site warranty

Fast, accurate and quiet: The ideal device for high capacity data storage:

The PX-LB950Sa internal Blu-ray writer offers writing speeds of 12x – allowing a single-layer 25GB disc to be recorded in an unprecedented 12 minutes, leaving more time for users to enjoy the playback of their favourite movies.

Double layer Blu-ray discs can offer up to a whopping 50GB of data storage, making the PX-LB950Sa the ideal solution for backing up important files including high definition videos and applications.

The PX-LB950Sa drive boasts a design thoughtfully geared to provide higher accuracy at such fast recording speeds, whilst simultaneously lowering operational noise and vibrations.

High performance software to deliver smooth recording and 3D playback:

The PX-LB950Sa comes bundled with the high-quality PowerDVD9 BD Suite software which offers a selection of flexible tools to improve performance during recording of both standard and high definition media, and deliver smooth, uninterrupted playback of 3D content.

PlexUtilities software is also included with the drive, which offers a comprehensive and user-friendly selection of tools to assist users to test, tune and view information about the drive and writing performance.

LightScribe for a professional finishing touch:

Lightscribe is an innovative technology that uses the laser in compatible drives to

‘draw’ high quality images on the top of specially produced discs. It provides the

ultimate professional finish and makes creased labels and smudged pen a thing of

the past. Visit for more information.

Exceptional warranty terms offer complete peace of mind:

Unlike many others of its kind, the PX-LB950Sa offers an added level of reassurance with the Plextor ‘Fast Warranty Service’ – a 2 year on-site warranty across the EU, Norway and Switzerland (1 year elsewhere) – so users can feel secure in the knowledge that their must-have device is covered for longer.


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