Enermax@CeBIT - 87+ PSU Series occupy centre stage

February 26, 2010 | 09:59

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Enermax @ CeBIT 2010: New Modu87+ and Pro87+ PSU series occupy centre stage
Solid Gold Power

The new Modu87+ and Pro87+ PSU series set new standards in the popular 500 to 800W wattage range. They offer up to 93 per cent efficiency as well as virtually silent cooling and will certainly occupy the centre stage of the Enermax booth on this year’s CeBIT in Germany. Building on its industry renowned reliability and quality, Enermax will also introduce its latest development: redundant PSU’s for industrial PC’s and servers. CeBIT visitors will have an exclusive look at seven new redundant PSU systems.
Hamburg, 25th of February 2010. The new Enermax PSU series Modu87+ and Pro87+ have already gained many awards from renowned international hardware magazines. The editors are not only convinced by the outstanding efficiency of up to 93 per cent (80PLUS® Gold certified), but also by the virtually silent cooling: Due to the innovative fan control, the rotation speed of integrated Enermax Twister fan slows down to just 330 RPM at low load, and 1,000 RPM at full load. For this reason, the Modu87+ and Pro87+ PSU’s are the best choice not only for cost-conscious energy-saving systems, but also for ultra-quiet PC’s. Three 12V rails ensure reliable and stable power supply.

Background information about Modu87+ and Pro87+: www.enermax.co.uk/gold.

The PSU Upgrade for the Demands of 2010 PC’s
Recently, Enermax announced the upgrade of its popular PSU series Modu82+, Pro82+ and LibertyECO. Users can identify the upgraded PSU’s by looking for the “II” name suffix at the end of the name. What has been changed exactly? All PSU’s from 400W upwards now possess at least two 6+2-pin (8-pin) PCI-E connectors, which will be required for the new generation of high-performance DirectX11 graphics cards. The CPU 12V power cable has been extended to 60cm and, in addition, Enermax has integrated two new features: “HeatGuard” for cooling and the patented “CordGuard”. Apart from that, the LibertyECO II series will be available with one additional higher wattage model at 720W, which will have its exclusive premiere also on the Enermax CeBIT booth.

Background information about the PSU Upgrade of 2010: www.enermax.co.uk/revision2010.

Redundant PSU: Enermax Broadens the Scope of Business
Enermax’ PSU’s continually set industry standards for stable power, reliability and safety – optimal preconditions for the ambitious power supply for industrial PC’s or servers. Furthermore, Enermax has already built an excellent worldwide sales and service network, which is essential for flexible and quick response to customers’ demand. At the introduction of this new product segment, Enermax exclusively presents seven redundant PSU systems at CeBIT.

More details about the redundant PSU’s and other new Enermax products, you will come to know at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany. We are looking forward to meeting you:

Enermax @ CeBIT 2010
2nd – 6th of March 2010
Hall 17, Booth G22
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