Enermax completes Modu87+ series: Full 80PLUS® Gold PSU range from 500 to 900W

July 23, 2010 | 03:24

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New High-end Gold-Class Models

Since its launch in January, the Modu87+ series has raised the standards in PSU industry. The leading technology of 80PLUS® Gold certified Enermax PSU has collected numerous awards and recommendations from international hardware magazines. With the Modu87+ 800W and 900W, Enermax now completes the ambitious PSU series.

Hamburg, 22nd of July 2010. The premium-quality appearance with a robust powder coated case shows that the Modu87+ power supplies with 800 and 900 watts already mark the transition from the mid-range to the high-end PSU segment. With its 175mm depth housing, Enermax engineers developed an exceptional compact high-performance PSU design. Inside the case is a highly efficient PSU topology with four massive 12V rails. For the conversion of the alternating current (AC) from the grid into direct current (DC), Enermax relies on the so called “Dynamic Hybrid Transformer Topology”. It is specially designed for the varying power consumption of PC systems and works similar to a car’s gear box: According to the particular system load, the PSU can shift to different frequencies and voltages. In doing so, Enermax significantly reduces the energy losses. Modu87+ reaches a peak efficiency of 93 per cent.

Four 12V Rails: Stable, Efficient, Safe
With a combined power output of 75A (800W version: 66A), the four 12V rails are the beating heart of the Modu87+ PSU. They guarantee not only the stable and safe power supply of the most essential system components like CPU or graphics card, but also generate the subordinated 5V and 3.3V rails, which are necessary for hard disks or RAM. The so-called DC-DC converter eliminates power losses, which emerge during the conversion of incoming alternating current directly into the particular output voltages. Moreover, the splitting of 12V to multiple rails with separated over current protection (OCP) has an important additional advantage: It better protects system components in case of short circuits with extreme peak power.

Air Cooling by Enermax: Silent, Durable, Powerful
With Twister fan series Enermax has already built a reputation in cooling segment. The patented bearing technology stands for durability and a consistent low noise level. After successful implementation in entry-level PSU series ECO80+, also the Modu87+ power supplies come with a Twister bearing fan. Apart from that, Enermax developed a new and smart fan control: The SpeedGuard reaches even at low rotation speed an excellent cooling performance, approved by many independent hardware magazines: “Even with our ear just millimeters away from the fan we were not able to hear a thing.” (Anandtech.com, 19.01.2010).

The full Modu87+ series from 500 to 700W is already available. During the next week the 800 and 900W models (MSRP: £225.90 incl. VAT) will come out. Besides Modu87+ series, Enermax offers two models of the non-modular Pro87+ series with 500 and 600W.

Technical details can be found in attachment or online: www.enermax.co.uk/modu87+.

In case of questions or for test sample requests please contact the person below:

Press contact: Alexandra Kogan
Marketing International

ENERMAX Deutschland
Coolergiant Computers Handels GmbH

Billbrookdeich 32
22113 Hamburg

Telefon: +49-40-819957-21
Telefax: +49-40-819957-69
E-Mail: alexandra.kogan@enermax.de
URL: www.enermax.co.uk
About Enermax:
Enermax Technology Corporation was founded in Taiwan in 1990 and is a globally renowned manufacturer of PC components such as power supplies, PC cases, cooling fans, keyboards, enclosures and other peripherals. Since almost 20 years Enermax plays a leading role as an innovator in PSU market. Enermax products are well known for their innovative technology, high quality and safety, best performance and unique design. The company possesses its own research and development centre as well as two factories. Six subsidiaries and numerous affiliates around the world provide an excellent network for OEM/ODM and retail business. Enermax subsidiary in Hamburg coordinates major European markets.
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