Powerful Award-Winners Made by Thermaltake The New Toughpower XT and Toughpower Grand PSUs

September 11, 2010 | 15:38

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Powerful Award-Winners Made by Thermaltake
The New Toughpower XT and Toughpower Grand PSUs
winning accolades all around the world

Thermaltake Technology, leading DIY computer components and power supply specialist, just recently introduced two new lines of power supplies the New Toughpower XT and the Toughpower Grand series. Both lines of power supplies were immediately highly welcomed by users while rapidly winning awards and accolades from leading media around the world.

With the Toughpower Grand being 80 PLUS Gold certified users don’t just get a guaranteed eco-friendly PSU with more than 90% efficiency at 50% load and a 0.95 active power factor correction (PFC), but the electricity bill will noticeably drop as well. Its grandiose looks with a classy black finish make a clear statement through sheer appearance: this is quality pure. The proprietary 14cm dual-ball-bearing flower-shaped fan provides optimized ventilation for the inside components of the Tougherpower Grand unit.

The New Thoughpower XT series with 25 watts more than other brands in the market. This added wattage is meant to enhance the system upgrade potential. The New Toughpower XT series offers users an advanced power supply solution, striking the perfect balance between reliability, efficiency and quality. With the DC-to-DC voltage converter module, a 14cm cooling fan, S.P.T Indicator, 12Vin1, FanDelayCool function and 80 PLUS® Bronze certification, the New Toughpower XT is the ideal solution for system builders and quality-minded enthusiasts alike.

See what some media around the world have to say:

With this new design we see good voltage regulation, very good efficiency, very good build quality, and a vastly improved DC Output Quality over previous Thermaltake offerings in this line.
Thermaltake's latest attempt to lead the pack with the Toughpower XT line continues to improve on past models when it comes to performance.
Excellent stability and efficiency, very competitive price.
The Thermaltake Toughpower 775W XT is the perfect model for a strong hardware setup, with five year warranty, high efficiency and quietness
Overall, the Toughpower XT 775W is an excellent PSU and the best unit Thermaltake has brought to market – well done.
Given that we took the world’s most powerful desktop processor, being the Core i7 980X, and overclocked it to 4GHz and threw in a pair of GeForce GTX 480 SLI graphics cards, we were impressed that the Toughpower Grand 650w was able to tackle this configuration. Keeping in mind we also threw in considerably more hardware as well.

Toughpower Grand Series New Toughpower XT Series

www.thermaltake.com/product_info.aspx?PARENT_CID=C_00001561&id=C_00001562&name=Toughpower+Grand+750W&ov=n&ovid http://www.thermaltake.com/product_info.aspx?PARENT_CID=C_00001568&id=C_00001572&name=Toughpower+XT+875W&ov=n&ovid
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