Scythe Chouriki 2 650 PSU Watt Models sold only as 80PLUS Silver

October 8, 2010 | 09:34

Companies: #scythe

Scythe Group officially announces the Chouriki 2 650 Watt Power Supply Units being sold only as 80PLUS Silver although it was announced as Gold rated. After verifying a dozen more of the production samples, the efficiency rate was not sufficient enough for Scythe standards which lead to repealing of the earlier statement and offering it as 80PLUS Silver like the other models of the Chouriki 2 PSU Series.

Effective immediately, all Chouriki 2 650 Watt PSU are sold as 80PLUS Silver Models. Although the official 80PLUS website is listing the 650W model as Gold certified, Scythe is kindly asking to consider the PSU being a Silver certified model due to scattering in production.


The official report can be found on the following 80PLUS website:

80PLUS Report:,%20LTD_SPCR2-650P_ECOS%201807.1_650W_Report.pdf
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