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January 14, 2010 | 16:42

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Enermax sets new standards for most demanded PSU wattage range between 500 and 800W: Thanks to its new high-performance AC technology, the Modu87+ and Pro87+ PSU series reach an incredible peak efficiency of up to 93 per cent at 230V. Record-breaking results Enermax achieves as well with the patented cooling technology of new PSU. The path-breaking fan control guarantees optimal and silent running due to unmatched 330 RPM at low load and a maximum of 1,000 RPM at full load.

Hamburg, 13th of January 2010. During the AC-to-DC conversion inside a computer power supply, a part of the power input naturally gets lost. The demand for the minimal loss allowing the most economical consumption of energy and resources has led to the introduction of the 80PLUS® certificate in 2005. Since then, PSU manufacturers have successfully reduced the power loss due to refinements in the latter DC stage of electrical transfer. One example is the frequently adopted high-performance AHD² topology of the Enermax Revolution85+. All current options for further improvements of the DC stage have been exhausted. For this reason, PSU engineers began to focus on the development of more efficient AC technologies. While a difficult task to undertake, manufacturers have struggled with high production costs or poor DC regulation.

Modu87+ and Pro87+ - Dynamic AC Power for Highest Efficiency
With new PSU series Modu87+ and Pro87+ Enermax’ engineers made the breakthrough: The Dynamic Hybrid Transformer Topology, a combination of three forward-looking innovations, significantly reduces energy loss on the first AC stage. It is based on a “resonant” topology, which is similarly already used in LCD monitors. But until now, this technology was entirely static and unstable to be translated into PC power supplies. Enermax worked to eliminate the static nature thanks to a unique, dynamic chain of capacitors and transformers. The groundbreaking, flexible AC technology is an optimal solution for the varying power consumption of PC components. Given this breakthrough technology, the Modu87+ and Pro87+ reach a peak efficiency of up to 93 per cent at 230V (80PLUS® Gold certified).

Background information about the Dynamic Hybrid Transformer Topology:

Sensational Low Fan Speed
„Air Cooling by Enermax“ has built an excellent reputation. The Enermax case fans with patented Twister Bearing Technology are renowned for powerful yet silent cooling. No wonder, that the innovations of the Enermax cooling segment find a more and more frequent use in PSU too. The Modu87+ and Pro87+ series are no exception. The integrated gold-coloured Enermax fan guarantees smooth and silent operation. Moreover, Enermax developed a new patented fan control, which slows down the rotation speed to just 330 RPM at low load – that’s practically inaudible. Even at full load, the integrated 13,9cm fan does not exceed 1.000 RPM. Yet again, the Modu87+ and Pro87+ set new gold standards in performance and noise control for the ultimate PC power solution.

The modular PSU series Netzteilserie Modu87+ is available with 500, 600, 700 and 800W (MSRP: starting from £115.90 incl. VAT). Non-modular PSU of Pro87+ series come in 500 and 600W (MSRP: starting from £99.90 incl. VAT). The new Enermax PSU will be for sale from the end of January in.

More information about Pro87+ and Modu87+ series:
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