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December 18, 2009 | 16:07

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How many watts do I need?

After the start of international technical support forum one month ago, Enermax offers users a new helpful online tool: With the Enermax PSU Calculator users can easily and quickly count the power consumption of their systems. On this occasion Enermax presents an exclusive lucky draw. Users can win three popular Enermax PSU.
Hamburg, 17th December 2009. Before buying a new power supply many users must face the question, how many watts they need for their PC system. The specifications of PC components are often not exact enough to calculate the power consumption of the whole system. Therefore users decide true to the motto “Better too much than too little”. As a result, users buy oversized PSU for their

systems. These PSU reach maximum 20 percent of their capacity. Indeed, the most recent and high efficient PSU like the Enermax Revolution85+ with up to 91 percent efficiency, achieve such peaks at around 50 percent load.

Lucky Draw: How many watts do you need?
To mark the start of new PSU Calculator, Enermax presents an exclusive lucky draw. Condition for participation: Enermax specified three different system configurations. With the help of the Enermax PSU Calculator, Users have to count the power consumption of these exemplary PC systems. Amongst all correct answers, the lucky winners of three popular Enermax PSU will be drawn at random:

1st prize: Enermax Revolution85+ 1050W
2nd prize: Enermax Modu82+ 625W
3nd prize: Enermax ECO80+ 350W

More information about the lucky draw:

PSU Calculator Saves Time and Money
The new Enermax PSU Calculator helps users to count the power consumption of their systems – reliably and exactly. It is based on a large and constantly updated database with all possible and available system components from CPU to graphics cards to case fans. Thus users do not have to waste their time to look up the power consumption of each system component. In addition they save money, because for most usual office and gaming PC systems 400 to 600 Watt are enough.

Professional Enermax Support
One month ago Enermax announced the start of the international support forum. At Enermax Support Forum users obtain quick and direct assistance for all technical problems as well as answers to all questions about Enermax products. Furthermore, the new forum provides a platform for hardware enthusiasts from all over the world. There, they can share experiences, hints and tricks. Enermax product managers and engineers maintain the support forum. This provides a great chance to get in contact with these people, who are in charge of the development of most recent Enermax products.

About Enermax:
Enermax Technology Corporation was founded in Taiwan in 1990 and is a globally renowned manufacturer of PC components such as power supplies, PC cases, cooling fans, keyboards, enclosures and other peripherals. Since almost 20 years Enermax plays a leading role as an innovator in PSU market. Enermax products are well known for their innovative technology, high quality and safety, best performance and unique design. The company possesses its own research and development centre as well as two factories. Six subsidiaries and numerous affiliates around the world provide an excellent network for OEM/ODM and retail business. Enermax subsidiary in Hamburg coordinates major European markets.
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