The new Enermax Revolution85+ 920W and 1020W

August 21, 2010 | 06:16

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Enermax presents two new models of the successful Revolution85+ PSU series at 920 and 1020W
The Power Supply

Since its market introduction, the Revolution85+ has been one of the best-selling and most awarded high-end power supplies. Now, Enermax presents two new models of the extremely successful PSU series, with an aim of affordability for a wider range of customers. The Revolution85+ 920W and 1020W are based on a new high-performance and ultra-efficient PSU layout featuring four powerful and stable 12V rails.

Hamburg, 20th of August 2010. Revolution85+ is the power supply of the premium class to own, and with good reason: Very few high-end power supplies have ever sold as successfully as the Revolution85+. It is not often that experts’ reactions to a product are unanimously positive. As the first PSU to win two of the most famous product design awards (“red dot design award 2009” and “IF product design award 2010”), Enermax has continued its commitment to the successful range with the addition of two new models. The leading PSU manufacturer again refined and improved the design, and has invented a more powerful and reliable topology that requires even less space. At just 175mm deep, the housing is exceptional compact for this PSU class. It accommodates four incredibly stable 12V rails where each rail is equipped with an over current protection (OCP) and delivers up to 35 Amps. The combined power of all 12V rails offers 99 per cent 12V output capability. As high-performance graphics cards and processors draw their power predominantly from the 12V rails, the Revolution85+ is the first choice power supply for high-end performance and gaming systems.

Forward-looking Design
Further areas of application of the premium Enermax PSU are workstations (multi-CPU socket compatible) and servers. The Revolution85+ complies with the most current standard available for server power supplies, following the official “Server System Infrastructure PSU Design Guide 2008” (SSI PSDG 2008) rev. 1.2. As in the consumer space, with these applications, the efficiency plays a major role. Most current processors and graphics cards come with effective energy saving functions. But these modes may cause a compatibility issues with power supplies, because the PSU has to ensure stable operation, even below 1W load. Therefore Revolution85+ is equipped with the “Zero Load Design” and anticipates forthcoming revisions of the SSI PSU design guides. Furthermore, due to the implementation of the new internal PSU topology, Enermax has reduced the energy losses at normal and low load by several percentage points: Revolution85+ now reaches a peak efficiency of 92 per cent (80PLUS® Silver certified).

Twister Bearing
Like its other current PSU series, Enermax has equipped the new Revolution85+ models with its Twister fan. The patented bearing technology not only ensures a quiet and smooth rotation, but is, in comparison to other ball bearing fans, designed to be much more robust and durable, offering up to 100,000 hours MTBF.

Price Advantage
The MSRP of Revolution85+ 920W is just £215.90 incl. VAT, reduced from £234.90 for the Revolution85+ 950W. The Revolution85+ 1020W will cost £245.90 (MSRP incl. VAT), down from £249.90 for the Revolution85+ 1050W.

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