Glasscubes Adds Folders To Workspaces

March 26, 2010 | 13:44

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Organising large volumes of documents has never been easier

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LONDON – March 26th, 2010 – Glasscubes, a privately funded UK company, today announced that its online-based collaboration software allows users to add folders to workspaces. The major benefit of this new feature is that it allows an individual or team to organise a number of documents more effectively.

Users can create as many folders as they want, move files from/to any workspace or folder, move multiple files, and even manage files using labels within folders. To create a folder, the user simply goes to their documents area within the Glasscubes workspace and clicks on the ‘New Folder’ button. It couldn’t be easier.

When Glasscubes launched in 2009, many people wondered why it didn’t have folders. Glasscubes lets users organise files using labels, which act like virtual folders. With labels a user assigns keywords to a file, such as “Client Meeting” or “Project Progress”, and it appears in both places. By clicking on a label, the user can view all files associated with that label. With the folder concept, users put the files into their respective folders. When the user wants a specific file, they open the folder and there it is. The hybrid combination between folders and labels gives users the best of both worlds.

“People understand folders as a way of organising files and documents on their PCs and Mac. This gives them an easy to understand way of organising things rather than using labels”, said Wayne Pope, Managing Director at Glasscubes. “Even though many users realise folders are not as effective as labels, they understand them and are very familiar with them. At Glasscubes we strive to give our customers what they want.”

Glasscubes was founded to help small and medium-size businesses be more productive without exploding their budget. The easy-to-use hosted software brings together branded intranet, document management, project management and simple CRM (customer relationship management). Whether looking to manage projects, teams or customers in an office environment or remotely, Glasscubes is flexible enough to meet a wide range of requirements.

Glasscubes lets team members edit documents online, preview a document without the need for downloading, send messages directly to each other, schedules meetings, share calendars, arrange conference calls, as well as create or assign tasks to other members of a team. A poll can be created to find out what colleagues think of an opinion or suggestion, and reminder alerts can be sent via e-mail or SMS to draw attention.


Pricing and availability
Glasscubes is priced for companies of all sizes. The entry level version is free and there are several low-cost monthly subscription packages. A no-obligation 28-day trial is also available on all accounts (no credit card needed).
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