It’s official: BullGuard is the best at detecting and blocking malware

January 27, 2011 | 12:35

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London, 27 January 2011: Today, BullGuard Internet Security 10 received AV-Test Labs certification. With scores that are way above industry average, BullGuard’s radical detection technology has more than proven itself against established names in the industry.

AV-Test Labs, the independent test lab, published the results on Thursday 27, 2011 at The certification report is based on results of extensive testing in Q4, 2010. 23 security products were reviewed in the test, including suites from all the major players in the market such as Kaspersky, PC Tools and Norton.

Results for Q4/2010:

Protection against 0-day (“Real World”) attacks:
BullGuard result: 99%
Industry average (based on 23 security products): 82%

Blocking malware (Dynamic Detection Testing):
BullGuard result: 100%
Industry average (based on 23 security products): 55%

Detection of AV-Test Labs “representative malware set”:
BullGuard result: 99%
Industry average (based on 23 security products): 96%

Detection of Wildlist malware:
BullGuard result: 100%
Industry average (based on 23 security products): 100%

“With the industry average of 55% when it comes to blocking malware, I think we can safely say that BullGuard has proven itself with a 100% protection rate. This result demonstrates that we made the right decision to add behavioural detection technology as a component to traditional signature based and heuristic virus detection - the methods that most of our competitors are still basing their detection on,” said Claus Villumsen, BullGuard CTO in a comment to the AV-Test certification.

The secret behind BullGuard’s results is the suite’s structure - a carefully established, maximum security environment with an architecture based on layered defences and technologies.

The layers include a multitude of different technologies such as web scanning, behaviour blocking and traditional signature detection tools. BullGuard’s unique way of combining the different technologies guarantees that any malicious code which gets through one layer, will be caught by the next.

“To understand BullGuard’s Dynamic Detection Testing results better, it is perhaps worth explaining the difference between heuristic detection and BullGuard’s unique behavioural detection: While the heuristic detection technology - which some of our competitors see as the future of the security industry – is the ability to detect mutations of already known viruses based on traditional signature detection, Behavioural Detection is an altogether different technology: the engine identifies viruses long before traditional virus detection – heuristics or not - based on the behaviour of the virus. Consequently, instead of merely catching viruses once they’ve made their way to the virus signature database, Behavioural Detection identifies viruses which behave abnormally based on file, registry, process, and network events on the computer and shuts them off,” explained Claus Villumsen.
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