Put entire countries and their city maps on your Apple device for offline use anytime, anywhere

December 18, 2010 | 06:32

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Introducing skobbler ForeverMap 2.0.
Download fully interactive maps of entire countries and their cities to your iPhone, iPod or iPad - and then use them without an internet connection

* Install and uninstall individual countries to and from your iPod, iPad or iPhone
* The first viable, portable digital map solution for iPod and iPad users without 3G
* No data connection required and no roaming charges abroad
* Dramatically faster map interaction
* All offline: search, location finder, route calculation and wikipedia information on places of interest
* IdeaLog for future update suggestions by users
* Promotion price of £1.19*

Berlin, Germany, 17th December, 2010 - skobbler, creator of the first free sat nav app for the iPhone, has today announced the launch of ForeverMap 2.0., a groundbreaking leap forward for the popular offline Google maps rival. Developed and improved following valuable customer feedback and advice, skobbler is pleased to release its mapping app with enhanced and new features that significantly improve the usability of the app.

Utilising the outstanding mapping data provided by OpenStreetMap, compressed and installed to be readily available without an internet connection, users of ForeverMap 2.0. have a comprehensive mapping solution always on-hand that is continuously updated to provide the most well-informed data. Initial customer feedback proved that supplying mapping data for the whole of Europe resulted in the app size being too big for some users. ForeverMap2.0. now enables users to select and download full map data for individual countries and their cities from a full collection of European maps, without restriction, giving the freedom to find the right balance between the size of the installation and the map material of interest. Once downloaded onto a mobile device the data can be instantly accessed offline, making the app the perfect travel companion even in the most remote destinations, as it avoids drop-off data loss and eliminates costly roaming charges abroad. For users of iPod touch and iPad without 3G, it’s the first viable, portable digital map solution.

“A crucial part in developing ForeverMap 2.0. has been listening and reacting to customer feedback,” commented Philipp Kandal, co-founder of skobbler. “We have completely changed the structure of ForeverMap 2.0. and have done so in just a few weeks. The speed in which we make updates is a testament to our commitment to creating the best mapping solution possible. That’s why with our completely overhauled new version, we have also included a new ‘IdeaLog’ feature which has been designed to provide a quick and easy way for our users to let us know directly what improvements they would like to see and what features should be included in future updates. It also allows users to rate the suggestions made by others. The inclusion of IdeaLog underlines our promise to deliver free updates with significant impact, whilst we strive to deliver ‘the last map you’ll ever need’“.

ForeverMap 2.0. includes: offline search; location finder; route calculation; and information on places of interest, providing users with a fully interactive, offline map solution that can be used anywhere, anytime and without limitations. ForeverMap 2.0. also includes extensive Wikipedia references such as history and information about landmarks, significant buildings and much more, converting the app into an intuitive electronic tour guide.

skobbler is also pleased to announce that it has made further enhancements to a number of features in order to significantly improve the usability of the app. Improving the overall experience, the route calculation of ForeverMap 2.0. is now 50% faster and route entry has been simplified for ease of use. skobbler has also made several breakthroughs with its zooming function and map display. Reloading and zooming of maps is now 70% faster and the map display itself has been significantly improved and visually enhanced. For pedestrians, street names are displayed a lot more frequently, making orientation much easier.

“We wanted to create an app that provides orientation to users without the usual ‘ifs and buts’ associated with digital maps on the move, and with ForeverMap 2.0. we have done just that,” concluded Philipp Kandal. “Following in the footsteps of the launch of our popular navigation app, ForeverMap is yet another great example of how skobbler strives to develop industry leading applications that show just what is possible using OpenStreetMap data”.

Existing ForeverMap users can download ForeverMap 2.0. for free and enjoy the same enhancements that new users will instantly benefit from.

*Price, availability and compatibility:

For the first few days of launch, ForeverMap can be downloaded at a promotion price of £1.19, after which it will increase to its regular price of £3.49. It is available to download from the App Store at itunes.apple.com/us/app/forevermap-europe-by-skobbler/id394763737?mt=8

ForeverMap is compatible with iPad, iPod, and iPhone with iOS 3.1. or higher.

For further information on recent developments at skobbler, please visit blog.skobbler.com.

skobbler ForeverMap 2.0. - Key Features:

* Access to OpenStreetMap European countries’ maps including all cities and towns (exception: the Canary Islands) – no data connections required after installation

* Completely installable countries (not just cities)

* Routes for pedestrians and cars

* Offline search for locations

* Offline Wikipedia content integration for many sights

* IdeaLog for suggestions on future improvements

* Places of interest info for restaurants, theatres, etc.

* Current position finder

* Compass functionality

* Name browsing

* Search for: City, Street & POI

* Search history and easy bookmarking/favourites system

* High detailed map display with dynamic zooming backed by multi-touch support

* Turning maps

* Auto-follow mode

* Route calculation

* Native iPad / iPhone UI

* Retina icons and maps (iPhone 4 only)

* Dynamic POI layers as clickable icons in the map (both OSM & Wikipedia)

* Works on iPod Touch

* Works on any firmware 3.1+ (does not require 4.0)

* In-App help
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