skobbler Introduces Offline Google Maps Rival - ForeverMap

October 5, 2010 | 10:33

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The last map you’ll ever need

· Complete map of Europe stored on your iPod, iPad or iPhone
· No data connection required
· No roaming charges
· The first viable, portable digital map solution for iPod and iPad users without 3G

Berlin, Germany, 5th October, 2010 - skobbler, creator of the first free sat nav app for the iPhone, has today announced the launch of ForeverMap Europe, a new offline map based on OpenStreetMap data. Designed for use with the iPhone, iPad and iPod, ForeverMap is available to download today at an introductory price of £2.39 (normally £3.49) from the UK App Store.

ForeverMap is the ultimate travelling support app. Once downloaded, users need never worry about getting lost again. It literally puts the whole of Europe into your pocket. Full comprehensive map data of Europe is downloaded onto your mobile device, which can then be instantly accessed without an internet connection, not only avoiding drop-off data loss but also eliminating roaming charges.

“We wanted to create the app that becomes the last word in the map space, the one app that provides orientation to users without the usual ifs and buts,” commented Marcus Thielking, co-founder of skobbler. “With ForeverMap, we’ve done just that. Users can now instantly access a detailed digital map of Europe, without any fear of the high roaming costs or potential lack of data connection usually associated with digital maps on the move.” Thielking concludes, “For the user, ForeverMap is the one and only map they’ll ever need: No technical limitations, no additional costs – just the whole of Europe on your device at your disposal, allowing you to find what you need, when you need it, no matter where you are.”

Maps are displayed in vivid detail, and thanks to multi-touch support, have a dynamic zoom facility. ForeverMap also includes compass integration backed by auto-turning support and auto-follow mode whereby the map centres around your current position.

Using ForeverMap is simple. A number of search facilities are available such as; city, street, points of interest (POI) and name browsing. For ease of use, ForeverMap saves search history, making it easy to return to a previously visited map in an instant and provides an easy bookmarking system to save favourite destinations. ForeverMap can also provide route calculation to help predetermine a journey’s route, distance and estimated travelling time.

POIs are embedded in ForeverMap and are displayed clearly as clickable icons. For many sights, handy Wikipedia information is available as well. Map and data updates will be regularly made available via app updates for free, making ForeverMap, all in all, the last map you will ever need.


Price, availability and compatibility:
ForeverMap is priced at £2.39 (normally £3.49) and is available to download from the App Store at
ForeverMap is compatible with iPad, iPod, and iPhone with iOS 3.1. or higher.

For further information on recent developments at skobbler, please visit

skobbler ForeverMap - Key Features:

· Full Europe map data (incl. major parts of Russia) – no data connection required
· Name browsing
· Search for: City, Street & POI
· POI search
· Search history and easy bookmarking system
· Wikipedia content integration
· High detailed map display with dynamic zooming backed by multi-touch support
· Turning maps
· Compass integration
· Auto-follow mode
· Route calculation
· Native iPad / iPhone UI
· Retina icons and maps (iPhone 4 only)
· Dynamic POI layers as clickable icons in the map (both OSM & Wikipedia)
· Works on iPod Touch
· Works on any firmware 3.1+ (does not require 4.0)
· In-App help
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