What's New in WinZip 14?

October 16, 2009 | 11:36

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Windows 7 Support
Microsoft Windows 7 includes many significant enhancements that simplify working with documents, folders, and programs. WinZip 14 takes full advantage of these new features to make working with Zip files effortless:

Windows 7 libraries group together folders with a common theme regardless of where the folders reside. WinZip 14's support for Windows libraries allows you to create and open Zip files in these convenient, themed libraries, add files from libraries to a Zip file, and extract to libraries. You can also employ the WinZip Job Wizard to automate zipping of your libraries using our pre-defined jobs or your own custom jobs.

Jump Lists
WinZip 14 leverages Windows 7 jump lists to enable quick and easy access to frequently used zip features, recently used Zip files, and your favorite WinZip jobs—right from the task bar. It even supports the new taskbar progress meter.

Explorer Preview
WinZip 14 adds support for Zip files to the new Windows 7 Explorer preview pane, so you can instantly see what’s inside a Zip file and simply double click the zipped files to open them. This feature also lets you use the preview pane in Outlook 2007 to view and access the contents of zipped email attachments.

Touch Screens
Windows 7 touch screen gestures are fully supported in WinZip 14, enabling you to easily scroll through the contents of your Zip files and even pan, zoom, and rotate images in WinZip Pro's built-in Image Viewer without ever using your keyboard or mouse.

Many WinZip dialogs, including the New, Open, Add, and Extract dialogs, have been updated with the Windows 7 style and usability improvements to help you find your files and archives.

We've enhanced WinZip's powerful, easy-to-use AES encryption. WinZip 14 “wipes” (or “shreds”) temporarily extracted copies of encrypted files using the U.S. Department of Defense standard (DoD 5220.22-M) to prevent them from being recovered and misused. WinZip 14 also utilizes available hardware support in certain Intel-based computers to make AES encryption operations faster.

Zipping Simplicity
WinZip 14 makes compression and encryption easier than ever. Most operations can be accessed directly with a right click in Windows Explorer, and for Windows 7 and Vista users the Add and Extract dialogs now provide even more power and simplicity. The new Search, Organize, and Views features of the Add dialog help you navigate and find the files, folders, and libraries you want to add to your Zip file.

WinZip 14 Backup edition
For the first time WinZip 14 is also available in a Backup edition. With its powerful Job Wizard users can automatically back-up important data files and upload data back-ups to an off-site server using the internal FTP client, or burn back-ups to CD or DVD. An automated email notification can even be sent upon job completion.

For a more detailed description of the new features in WinZip 14 and to download the software please go to:

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