Spire announces collaboration with Entatech UK

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August 7, 2013 | 09:05

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Spire Corp, global supplier of PC cooling solutions, power supplies, has announced an exclusive partnership with UK distributor, Entatech UK.

Entatech will be adding Spire’s range of cases and PSU’s to its gaming channel on Entaonline.com. The addition of Spire to Entatech’s portfolio of vendors will enable the distributor to offer a combination of quality, efficiency and affordability in one, whilst also holding UK exclusivity on the range.

Iain Gillogaley, Entatech Gaming & Audio Channel Manager, commented: “Our gaming channel is continuously evolving and Spire is a perfect addition to the division. It’s important that we’re able to offer our resellers with a broad range of products that provide a great level of function and quality in one and Spire effectively fulfills this brief. Along with increasing the range of cases and PSU’s currently available on Entaonline.com, Spire’s range also effectively targets the concerns associated with overheating, providing some fantastic attachment options.”

Rolf Borrenbergs, VP Sales & Marketing for Spire Corp said: "We are very pleased and excited to start working with Entatech as our new UK distributor for the Spire and X2 gaming products brands. With selected lines of affordable Spire components and mobile accessories and X2 performance PC hardware for gamers and enthusiast alike we believe to be a great addition to the product lines Entatech currently offers."

About Spire:
Spire founded in 1998 in The Netherlands, is a global supplier of cooling solutions, power supplies and enclosures for the personal, gaming and networked personal computer. With its manufacturing plant in Shenzhen, China. Branch locations in Japan and Brazil. Offering a wide range of thermal products and accessories for the computer industry.

About Entatech:

Entatech is a leading IT distributor with over 20 years’ experience in the IT industry. With over 9500 products from 75 manufacturers Entatech supply innovative products at competitive prices, accompanied by a friendly approach and an award winning sales team. Visit entaonline.com for full information about each of Entatech’s seven product divisions, a meet the team facility, express shopping, special offers, bundles and comprehensive account management facilities.
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