Flow, Fusion and the Perfect Fit - Lite-On launch internal 12x BD-Combo Drive ideal for mini PCs

Written by Ben Hardwidge

May 20, 2011 | 14:18

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19th May 2011

Flow, Fusion and the Perfect Fit
Lite-On launch internal 12x BD-Combo Drive ideal for mini PCs

Lite-On have announced the launch of the iHES212, an internal 12x Blu-ray Combo drive designed especially for mini PCs and media centres.

With smaller dimensions and a unique design to keep the drive cool and quiet even in confined spaces, the iHES212 is the perfect fusion of a Blu-ray player for high definition entertainment and a DVD/CD writer for efficient back-ups.

“Since the very beginning Lite-On has been present in the Blu-ray market with various Blu-ray Disc writer, a BD-ROM and BD-COMBO”, says Maarten Souren, Marketing Manager at Lite-On. With the iHES212 we have upgraded our BD-COMBO to 12X BD reading speed, and whether users want to truly experience a Blu-ray movie or simply burn the perfect DVD, they can add the this drive to their mini case for the perfect fit”, adds Souren.

Key Features:

* 12x Blu-Ray playback and 16X DVD+/- Writing
* Unique airflow design for cool and quiet operation
* Compact design for installation in small systems
* Lightscribe technology for creative disc labelling
* SMART burn ensures accurate data burning

The perfect Blu-ray Combo drive for smaller spaces:

The iHES212 is incredibly compact at only 17cm in length, making it ideal for easy installation in smaller sized PC cases and shorter drive bays.

What’s more, the iHES212 features a thoughtful and unique airflow design which not only reduces vibrations and ensures minimal noise, but helps keep the drive cool - even in confined spaces - for a longer lifespan.

Enjoy high definition movies alongside convenient data back-up:

With 12x Blu-ray playback, the iHES212 brings a world of stunning high definition entertainment to media centre and mini PCs. Users can choose instantly between watching smooth and crystal clear movies or backing up files including pictures and music to DVD/CD media.

Fun and easy disc labelling with LightScribe:
With Lightscribe functionality, the iHES212 drive adds a creative touch to discs, without the need for extra hardware or fussy marker pens. The easy-to-use and smudge-free disc-labelling system ‘etches’ greyscale designs onto Lightscribe media; simply write the data, flip the disc then burn the label for a colourful and consistent finish.

Reduce wasted discs with SMART Burn technology:

SMART Burn automatically adjusts the writing strategy to provide the best burn quality. This intelligent system reduces disc errors and wastage to save time and money.

Pricing & Availability:

The iHES212 will be approximately £69 SRP and is available this month from a selection of retailers.

A sister drive, the iHES112 is also available without LightScribe.


For full specifications and information please visit:

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