Sans Digital AccuRAID AR108I / AR108X & AccuSTOR AS108X Press Release

January 27, 2011 | 12:22

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2.5" Hard Drive/SSD Rackmount Solution
AccuRAID AR108I / AR108X & AccuSTOR AS108X

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City of Industry, CA - January 16, 2011 - Sans Digital, a leading provider of high performance storage subsystems, is introducing a new product series of 1U 8-bay 2.5” small form factor for SSD and hard disk rackmount solutions, AccuRAID AR108X SATA to SAS hardware RAID, AccuRAID AR108I SATA to iSCSI hardware RAID and AccuSTOR SATA/SAS to mini-SAS JBOD rackmount storage.

As hard disk technology advances, there are numerous benefits to adapt to the new 2.5” HDD platform such as using the state of the art Solid State Drive. The SSD is based on memory and has no moving parts, while at the same time offers higher performance, close to silent operation, and sustains higher vibrations in comparison to the standard HDD. Both the 2.5” HDD and SSD also consumes less power and is suitable for portability due to its small form factor. To better utilize these benefits, the Sans Digital AccuSTOR AS108X, AccuRAID AR108I and AccuRAID AR108I are designed from the ground up to support 2.5” small form factors HDD or SSD. All three models support up to 2.5” 8-bays to maximize the number of drives in a standard 1U rackmount. On top of that, all 8 Hot-swappable tray modules support both 9.5mm and 12.5mm height 2.5” HDDs.

Both the AccuRAID AR108I and AR108X are hardware RAID based 1U storage 8-bay 2.5” storage subsystem. The built-in Hardware RAID engine (RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50 and 60) offloads the complex RAID algorithm calculations form the computer CPU to the hardware RAID engines embedded inside of the enclosures. Built-in RAID engine also allows data independence from computer hardware providing access to files via different computer when needed. The AR108X is based on the Mini-SAS SFF-8088 SAS technology to provide ultra fast data transfer performance in a DAS (Direct Attached Storage) topology. The AR108I is a dual-port GbE iSCSI storage array with built-in hardware RAID to provide secured and fast data transfer via iSCSI protocol between its host server and iSCSI storage. Both models also provide LCD screen and web based configuration through its easy to use GUI (Graphical user interface) with E-mail notification for critical error or event.

The AccuSTOR AS108X is a 1U 8-bay 2.5” SATA, SAS or SSD JBOD storage system. It provides dual SFF-8088 Mini-SAS interface connection to provide either JBOD for eight 2.5” hard drives with non-RAID HBA or RAID configuration when paired with a RAID HBA (Host Bus Adapter). AS108X provides the flexibility to use with either high performance SAS drives, SATA or SSD drives. All three models are extremely suitable for high performance computer, creative professional as well as in virtualization application such as VMware Vsphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and Cirtrix Xen server.

“Due to the increasing popularity of 2.5” sizes hard drives and SSD, the 2.5” small form factor is becoming increasing popular over the last few years,” said Stanley Chan, Director of Business Develop of Sans Digital. “With the release of three new 2.5” HDD platform products as well as more new products to come, Sans Digital is in the position to provide high performance storage across different platforms.” AccuSTOR AS108X ($619), AccuRAID AR108X ($1595) and AccuRAID AR108I ($1595) is available now. For more information on AccuSTOR products, please visit: For more information on AccuRAID products, please visit:

About Sans Digital

Sans Digital is a brand of high capacity, multi-functional advanced storage products. Sans Digital offers hotswappable JBOD and RAID products for direct attached storage, network attached storage, and storage area network. Sans Digital¡¦s single unit towers are designed with mobility in mind to be used in a personal and home environment, while its rackmounts are widely popular in enterprise settings. Sans Digital is a storage solutions provider to consumers, businesses and institutions across the world.
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