Sans Digital's New 64bit NAS OS Press Release

February 8, 2011 | 08:02

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64bit NAS with iSCSI Systems Enhancement
for Linux NAS Series

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City of Industry, CA - February 7, 2011 - Sans Digital, a leading provider of high performance storage subsystems, is introducing a new series of 64bit based NAS products. The Linux based NAS products are now upgraded from a 32bit operating system to a new and improved 64bit version. The new 64bit NAS Models include tower based 4 bay models AN4L and MN4LA+B, and rackmount based, from 1U 4 bay to 8U 50 bay models EN104L+B/EN104L+, EN104L+BXE/EN104L+XE, EN104L+BXR/EN104L+XR, EN208L+BXE, EN212L+BXE, EN316L+BXE, EN424L+BXE, and EN850L+BXE. All systems are based on Intel processors with dedicated system memory and 2 or more networking interface ports to simultaneously support iSCSI and NAS.

There are numerous improvements on the new 64bits from its 32bit predecessor. Upgrades include an all new User Graphical Interface utilizing the extremely easy to use pull-down menu to simplify the configuration process. First time users of this new NAS interface will find it easy to navigate even without prior knowledge of the Linux NAS operating system. Using this Web Browser GUI, customers can easily configure, access, and monitor the NAS/iSCSI storage. The maximum memory supported has also been increased from 4GB to a 1TB. In addition, the maximum volume size went from 16TB/each to a virtually unlimited capacity of 8EB/each (~8,000,000 TBs). A higher data transfer rate is also achieved with support for different types of protocols (NFS, AFP, CIFS, FTP, and iSCSI).

Core capabilities of the 64bit NAS systems include the ability to simultaneously support both NAS and iSCSI applications. All models come with 2 or more NICs ports and support network teaming for redundancy and increased data transfer throughput. NAS data is based on XFS robust Journaling File Systems with built-in folder based replication, snapshot and networking recycle bin standard. The new 64bit NAS/iSCSI systems also come with a multitude of new features for iSCSI users supporting VMWare ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix Xen virtual machines servers, Windows 2008 Clustering, and SPC-3 persistent targeting.

Three types of the new 64bit NAS models are offered: The Hardware RAID model, which uses a built-in dedicated hardware RAID controller to offload complex RAID calculation in 2U and up rackmount models, the built-in RAID models for 1U and tower based models, and lastly the Gateway model in which no internal storage is needed for hybrid integration with Fibre channel or SAS external RAID storage. Optional features such as the 10G Networking support and server failover/mirroring can also be added for network storage in high availability application environments. The Sans Digital new 64bit NAS product series is fast, versatile and easy to use; it was designed to satisfy your network storage needs.

“The new easy-to-use interface combined with its exceptional performance makes these new 64bit NAS /iSCSI systems extremely easy to manage as a unified storage systems,” said Stanley Chan, Director of Business Development of Sans Digital. “With the broad range of supported options paired with its naturally high capabilities in terms of transfer speed and storage space, this is the ideal solution for large and small enterprises alike.” Ranging from $599 to$14995, all ten models are available now in their 64bit formats. For more information on NAS series, please visit one of the following sections: or or

About Sans Digital

Sans Digital is a brand of high capacity, multi-functional advanced storage products. Sans Digital offers hotswappable JBOD and RAID products for direct attached storage, network attached storage, and storage area network. Sans Digital¡¦s single unit towers are designed with mobility in mind to be used in a personal and home environment, while its rackmounts are widely popular in enterprise settings. Sans Digital is a storage solutions provider to consumers, businesses and institutions across the world.
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