Why Icy Dock

November 10, 2009 | 14:59

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Unique Design
We design and manufacture ICY DOCK products
1. Distinctive ID design
2. Top of the line quality (we make our own product, and we make our choice on material)
3. Unique functionality such as removable/screw-less features
4. Ability to make revise our designs to fit the needs of system integrators

As long as you are equipped with an ICY DOCK in your systems, you enable storage drive mobilization and multisystem integration, especially when needing to work between locations such as home, office, or school. Drive maintenance is a breeze too!

All ICY DOCK enclosures use Aluminum to provide better heat dissipation. Our enclosures reduce unit weight and saves shipping costs. ICY DOCK takes great pride in being one of the innovators in hard drive enclosure manufacturing. With more than 10 years of design and manufacturing experience, ICY DOCK has revolutionized the art of hard drive mobility with innovative concepts and simplicity.

When creating a unique hard drive enclosure, designers spend countless hours on design and structure; however, the result does not compromise functionality because of compact size, but strikes a balance between space and function under the premise of simplicity.

When designing new products, we care about the complete user experience from when they see the item in its packaging, up until the item is operational.

ICY DOCK products are constructed mostly of aluminum, meaning that most of our products can be recycled at the end of their life. We also sport a full line up of 2.5” drive solutions to utilize smaller drives, meaning lower power consumption and fewer materials used. All ICY DOCK products are also RoHS compliant.

Not like many other companies, ICY DOCK handles all customer service and technical support at our office located in sunny Southern California. We also handle most technical support and customer service issues from Canada, Mexico, South America, and Europe.

We provides various customer service options such as phone support, e-mail support and live chat support, and we reply to all tech support e-mails by the end of our business day.

We provide online RMA submission for your convenience, allowing us to issue an RMA number by the end of our business day. This helps to cut down turn around time, especially when the product is essential to daily operations. (Some companies refuse to provide repair/replacement services since they are not in USA)

All the ICY DOCK products are covered with a 3-year warranty (for USA only, started at June 2008).

We are the first storage enclosure manufacturer to connect to these social sites. We like to have direct contact with our users, that way we are able to collect real world feedback and suggestions on new products to make, as well as improvements to our existing ones.
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