The new Solar Quattro GTS enters the Evesham Solar Quattro family

April 20, 2007 | 13:31

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The high-end of the Solar family is taken over by NVIDIA 8 series graphics and Quad Core processing and becomes the Solar Quattro series.

Evesham, 18th April 2007

Enter, the new Evesham Solar Quattro GTS:

The new Evesham Solar Quattro GTS offers a killer spec with an affordable price tag. The Solar Quattro GTS offers those seeking the ultimate PC a truly cost effective solution at only £999.00 Inc. VAT.

No more application juggling, with Core™ 2 Quad processing power multi-tasking becomes MEGA tasking … run multiple process-intensive applications simultaneously without compromising performance to achieve unprecedented computing abilities. Gamers, multimedia enthusiasts and those working in demanding multitasking environments, welcome to a new generation of intense computing.

With full DX10 support, NVIDIA’s GeForce 8800GTS graphics opens the door to a new era of engulfing game play. Play the latest graphic intensive games without even breaking a sweat by exploiting 320MB of NVIDIA’s GeForce 8800GTS graphics power.

A massive 320GB, 7200rpm HDD is supplied as standard for extreme storage while a built-in Multi Format Dual Layer DVD Writer (18x) / CD-RW (40x) Drive provides unlimited external storage options.

The new Solar Quattro GTS is supplied as standard with Evesham’s 3 year gold warranty and as with all Evesham PCs is delivered free. Visit

The Solar family make-over:
The Solar family of PC’s from Evesham, based on Intel technology, includes a vast field of specifications to help users choose the right PC for their requirements. To celebrate the launch of the new Quad Core CPUs from Intel and the latest NIVIDIA 8 series GPUs Evesham’s high-end Solar PCs (£999.00 and above) are being automatically upgraded to include both innovative technologies as standard. The updated PCs can be identified by their new model name Solar ‘Quattro’.

The latest DX10 compatible games threaten to inflict an eagerly awaited, bona fide submerging experience on gamers. No gamer is complete without a PC with DX10 support! The Evesham Solar Quattro series is now supplied as standard with NVIDIA 8 series graphics.

The Solar family has also been refreshed to include Quad Core processing power. Seamlessly streaming background data to enhance mood and atmospheric effects Quad-Core technology pushes in-game simulation to a whole new level, delivering hard core gamers a more dynamic and enthusing experience. Non gamers get set to experience MEGA tasking with super computing results.

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