UK system integrator swipes top-spot for high-end notebook sales

June 13, 2008 | 17:23

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Novatech also reveals new record in laptop performance

June 6, 2008: Portsmouth, UK: Novatech Ltd, manufacturer of laptops and PC systems announced today a strategic move to focus on high-end notebook business. The decision followed a recent surge in sales of their Novatech Extreme x80r 17” notebook, powered by the world’s fastest mobile graphics chip from NVIDIA, the 8800M GTX priced below £1200 for the first time.

“Novatech’s PC and laptop business has been consistently growing over the past 10 years” remarked Kriss Pomroy, Commerical Director, Novatech “However, the revenue growth we’ve seen in the past months specifically on our notebook range has been unreal”. Traditionally a quiet time of the year, Novatech saw a massive 11.5% revenue growth in system sales in February and March1.

“The Novatech Extreme x80r laptop is primarily aimed at the gaming market” explained Pomroy, “It’s a niche product, although recently we’ve seen more requirements from our business and education customers for desktop performance in a mobile platform”. Novatech is one of few system integrators that offer NVIDIA Quadro based graphics on a notebook to satisfy the professional graphics design and 3D rendering markets.

Novatech’s record sales have made the £46m company the UK’s fastest growing system integrator for high-end NVIDIA notebook sales2. “By fully embracing NVIDIA’s Optimize PC, the idea that the GPU and CPU in your system should be balanced, Novatech have seen first-hand how effective this can be on sales.” said Martin Day, Marketing Manager, NVIDIA, “We’re looking forward to working closely with Novatech on various exciting product launches” he continued, “NVIDIA’s consistent leadership of GPU technology perfectly complements Novetech’s ability to produce desirable high-end laptops.”

Novatech’s Pomroy added, “We’ve put our growth down to Novatech’s paramount customer service, value-for-money, reputation and taking a greater percentage share of business from our competitors.”

Novatech will soon launch a marketing campaign based around the latest addition to Novatech’s Extreme notebook range. “The Novatech Extreme x90r will be one of the fastest notebooks in the world” claimed John Cooper, Technical Manager, Novatech “Based on Intel’s Penryn Quad core Q9XXX series processor, two 512MB NVIDIA 8800M GTX graphics cards in an SLi configuration and super fast solid state storage the x90r is truly a marvel of mobile technology”.

The Novatech Extreme notebook range is available online at and in all Novatech retail stores. The Novatech Extreme x80r featuring 8800M GTX graphics starts from just £1199 Inc VAT.

About Novatech Ltd

Novatech was established in 1987 as a mail order supplier of motor parts, however it soon branched out to cover all areas of IT supplies. Within 4 years it had established itself as a leading mail order reseller of all aspects of I.T. hardware.

In 1992 Novatech’s first major site was opened to the public to allow the local customers to pick up their goods. Even though the site was situated directly behind the current PC World, Novatech continued to grow. In March 1997, Novatech outgrew the Dundas Spur store and moved to its current base at Hamilton Road, Portsmouth.

It was there that it opened its first retail store which was no more than an evolution of the original collection point but highlighted the fact the people liked to shop and browse for I.T equipment. As Novatech’s growth continued so did its thirst for new products and in 1997 started to build Novatech branded PCs.

Within a matter of months it was clear that the PC market was one that attuned itself very well and Novatech continued to establish its own brand quickly adding more product lines. With the launch of the Novatech PC came the launch of the Novatech Corporate Team adding a third sales sector for Novatech. In 1999 Novatech sold its first notebook and from there on went on build a very strong mobile computing business.

Today, Novatech is one of the UK's leading IT suppliers and has followed a simple ethos - to deliver IT products at competitive prices backed up by excellent service. Novatech is at the forefront of IT delivery. The Company employs over 170 staff and has twenty one years award winning experience in delivering outstanding customer satisfaction.

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UK system integrator swipes top-spot for high-end notebook sales

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