Universal abit UK Overclocking Competition

Written by Tim Smalley

October 27, 2006 | 12:46

Companies: #abit

Universal abit hereby invites all hardcore overclockers in the UK to an all inclusive competition where YOU, the user, will have the chance to prove your worth in the extreme performance race. * We let you decide which platform (limited to ANY of abit's Intel P965 chipset or 975 chipset motherboard offerings) and encourage you to participate in all five categories listed below. The champion of each chipset will take home a whooping ï¿¡ 400 and official abit “Plaques of OC Excellence” respectively , and a set of iDome Speakers with subwoofer for the most creative candidate. So take a chance and register now on abit's UK website to do what you love best and win!!! The final results will be posted on abit's UK website one week after the competition ends (Competition runs from October 15 - November 15, 2006).

There will be two different groups of competitors for you to join; one is for users of the Intel 975X chipset (AW9D-MAX and AW9D), and the other one is for users of the Intel P965 chipset (AB9 PRO, AB9). You are required to use one of these motherboards, but there are no limitations for other types of equipment (i.e. the choice of CPU, memory and VGA-card(s) is completely up to you).

Every candidate will be requested to submit entries in the following five (5) categories:
  • Fastest SuperPI 1M calculation. (Mod v1.5 XS, lower is better)
  • Maximum percentage CPU Clock Speed Overclock . (CPU-Z 1.37 verified, higher is better)
  • Maximum percentage FSB Speed Overclock . (CPU-Z 1.37 verified, higher is better)
  • Maximum CPU Clock speed Overclock. (CPU-Z 1.37 verified, higher is better)
  • Maximum FSB Speed Overclock . (CPU-Z 1.37 verified, higher is better)
Candidates in each category will be compared ONLY to other competitors using the same platform (i.e. P965-users will NOT be compared to 975X-users). The top 10 candidates in any category will get points ranging from 10 to 1 (with 10 being the highest). The highest combined score in 5 categories will take first place in the competition.

All your results will have to be uploaded to our website and certified accordingly. We recommend that the user follow the rules of the competition strictly, otherwise they may be disqualified. Entry is at your own risk, and should be considered carefully. abit and all the associated partners in this competition are free from liability in all instances, including, but not limited to damaged equipment .

For more information about the competition, go here: Universal abit UK
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