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October 3, 2008 | 15:02

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VNC offers two-way remote control for mobile devices including Symbian, Microsoft Mobile, iPhone, Linux and Blackberry platforms.

2 October 2008: RealVNC, the home of VNC remote control software, has extended its flagship VNC Enterprise Edition product to mobile devices. VNC now supports a wide range of mobile handsets and PDAs including Symbian, Microsoft Mobile, iPhone, Linux and Blackberry platforms, with support for additional platforms to follow.

As well as providing remote control and management of PCs from mobile devices, for the first time it will be possible for a system administration department to support and maintain its organization’s mobile devices using VNC.

RealVNC will be previewing VNC for mobile platforms at the Symbian Smartphone Show from 21-22 October in London. A beta program will follow and products are due early 2009.

VNC Enterprise Edition already provides a powerful, secure and robust, cross-platform remote control solution for Windows, UNIX and Mac, allowing one computer to take full control of another, regardless of operating system or location. With this new support for mobile platforms, VNC users will also be able to access and control any PC or workstation via their mobile phone or PDA. Conversely, VNC will allow someone at a computer to control and manage any number of mobile devices, anywhere in the world.

“As mobile devices become more sophisticated and IP connectivity to them improves, they are increasingly being used to perform core business functions. Remotely accessing a PC desktop from a mobile device has obvious benefits for individual users, and is now possible through our full range of VNC viewers for mobiles,” says Dr Andy Harter, CEO at RealVNC. “But perhaps more useful is the ability to manage the mobile device and the business applications running on it remotely. Our range of VNC servers for mobiles makes this possible too.”

Dr Harter adds: “IT departments and third-party support agencies are facing the challenge of managing the growing cloud of mobile devices that are appearing within corporate networks. With VNC, system administrators will be able to take control of a mobile device anywhere in the world, remotely configure or troubleshoot a problem, and offer remote assistance and training on how to use the device and its applications. Remote control of mobiles is also of great interest to network operators, who currently have few effective tools to support customers with handset problems.”

About RealVNC
Based in Cambridge, UK, RealVNC was founded by the original inventors of VNC (Virtual Network Computing) to promote, enhance and commercialize VNC. VNC is used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide for applications ranging from home working to remote management, training, support and business collaboration. VNC Enterprise Edition provides a fully scalable, robust and secure solution for demanding single and multi-platform environments. The software has a widespread user base from individuals to the largest multi-national companies.

In addition to VNC Enterprise Edition, VNC Personal Edition is ideally suited for the individual home user or small business, while RealVNC also provides OEM licenses to embed VNC software into third-party products. Numerous hardware and software products with embedded VNC are now available on the market.
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