Watching TV on your PC, what a bargain! Buy Compro VideoMate E650, get MCE remote free!

Written by Tim Smalley

December 2, 2008 | 01:19

Companies: #compro

In an unprecedented move, Compro Technology is rewarding the loyal United Kingdom customers with a free VideoMate K100 Vista/Windows Media Center remote with the purchase of the VideoMate E650 PCIe TV tuner.

VideoMate E650 is a hybrid PCI-Express DVB-T and analog TV/FM capture card, which brings high quality digital terrestrial TV and universal analog TV/FM broadcasts to your desktop PC. It turns your computer into a home entertainment center by bringing you digital/analog TV viewing, video/audio capturing, and high quality 480i/576i component video input. It is certified for Windows Vista.

With the bundled ComproDTV 3 software, you can not only watch free-to-air 1080i HDTV quality digital TV or universal analog TV shows on your PC, but also enjoy the convinence of S5/S4/S3 mode power up scheduled recording. The exclusive S5 mode Power Up Schedule Recording can automatically power up your system for scheduled recording and shut down the system after the scheduled recording is completed.

Whether the PC is on or off, the Power Up scheduled recording automatically performs on time. Moreover, the advanced Picture in/out Picture feature not only allows you to watch live TV and playback one video file, but also lets you open up to 1 main and 3 sub digital channel windows at once; the Video Desktop feature can set up the live TV screen in wallpaper mode and let you use other applications simultaneously. Also, E650 comes with the silver fashion design remote control to power on/off your system like TV set.

For this special promotion of free VideoMate K100, you can easily upgrade your Vista Premium/Ultimate or MCE 2005 system to a complete Media Center PC. The 51-key design remote control with Microsoft certified Green Button embedded provides the fully control of your Vista and MCE system. The bundled USB IR receiver can easily plug & play into your desktop or laptop PC to control Power On/Off in Windows sleep mode, Media Center, or even control the execute of applications on your desktop. With this powerful remote, you can watch and record TV, timeshifting, listen to MP3 music or CD title, watch DVD, VCD or video files conveniently. Also, for the Compro product users, VideoMate K100 can control the exclusive ComproDTV4 software just as before.

Watching out for this unprecedented promotion – there are only 160-piece of VideoMate E650 to bundle with VideoMate K100 for free! Are you going to buy the X’mas or New Year gift to reward yourself? No more time to wait, buy now!!
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