World of Tanks Preview

Written by James Gorbold

September 29, 2010 | 10:33

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World of Tanks Beta Preview

While World of Tanks is most definitely a game and not a simulator, it features a remarkably detailed damage model. Not only do AFVs have individual ratings for the front/rear/side armour of their hulls and turrets (if appropriate), the game also calculates the angle at which shells hit the armour. For example, even if a shell can theoretically penetrate the armour of your target, it will only penetrate if it hits dead on.

However, if your shell hits an angled section of armour, it may well bounce off, merely scratching the paintwork. This means that while you can simply hope for the best and aim in the general direction of an enemy, you’ll get the best result if you aim specifically for the weak points in its armour.

World of Tanks Preview World of Tanks Beta Preview
All vehicles can be customised with various equipment and weapon upgrades.

Once you do actually succeed in penetrating the armour, the game then calculates what sort of damage your shell has done. This can range from simply reducing the hit points of an AFV (potentially killing it) to knocking out a specific module, such as the main gun, radio, engine, suspension or tracks or wounding a crew member.

Some modules can be repaired mid-battle, but in the meantime your AFV is left vulnerable to further attack. A cunning enemy will deliberately aim for your AFV’s tracks, so you can’t move and are easier to hit with further shots.

World of Tanks Preview World of Tanks Beta Preview
Victory is mine!

If you’re particularly unlucky a shell will hit your fuel tank or ammo supply; resulting in a spectacular explosion and the immediate end of your glorious reign of death-dealing until the next match. hopes to release the full version of World of Tanks later this year and is planning it to be free-to-play. There will however be premium content that you can buy with gold that is purchased for real money.

World of Tanks Preview World of Tanks Beta Preview
Tanks, tanks and more tanks

The specific exchange rate between gold and real money has yet to be finalised, but beta players can already experiment with (for now) free premium content, such as specialist ammo, vehicle upgrades and a time-limited Premium Account that doubles the number of credits and experience points you are awarded in each battle.

If World of Tanks sounds like your thing you can apply to join the closed beta on the games’ official website. Don’t forget to say hello to fellow bit-techers once you’re in with an armour-piercing discarding sabot - or a message in the forums.

World of Tanks is being developed by and is expected to be released later this year.
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