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AMD isn't as keen on branding and marketing as Intel - both for financial and philosophical reasons, with the company preferring to leave the limelight to its partners. That said, AMD has become aware of the need to simplify the computer buying process for the less technically aware, and the success of Intel has enjoyed thanks to Centrino hasn't gone unnoticed. AMD's Vision branding for laptops is, to some extent, its rival to Centrino, and we recently had the chance to talk to the company about its plans for Vision in 2010 and beyond.

AMD Vision Laptop Technology Preview AMD Vision 2010 - CPU SpecificationsAMD Vision Laptop Technology Preview AMD Vision 2010 - CPU SpecificationsAMD Vision Laptop Technology Preview AMD Vision 2010 - CPU SpecificationsAMD Vision Laptop Technology Preview AMD Vision 2010 - CPU Specifications
The new range of Vision logos, in order of performance. There is a Vision Pro logo, which means that the laptop is destined for business use.

AMD has just announced an update to the technology available, which it privately calls the Vision 2010 range. We say privately, because you’ll still see the same Vision logos in the shops – you won’t see Vision 2010 logos. The new technology includes 8-series chipsets and new processors, but in a new development, there will now be Vision badges on desktop PCs as well as laptops. AMD is claiming that Vision products will deliver twice the frame rate in Left4Dead 2 than a comparably priced non-Vision system, and will be 30-40 per cent faster in other tasks such as sharing movies with friends or creating slideshows from your photos.

There's also a new category of Vision, Vision Black, which is aimed as enthusiasts. These systems will be geared toward maximum performance and gaming - and Vision Black laptops will even allow for AMD-endorsed CPU overclocking.

AMD Vision Laptop Technology Preview AMD Vision 2010 - CPU Specifications
The Vision lineup explained in one easy slide. Click to enlarge

Details are scarce about this overclockable laptop specification are scarce, but Bob Grim, Director of Client Product marketing for the Computing Solutions Group at AMD, told us in a one-on-one interview that Vision Black laptops would contain, "[i The first unlocked quad-core for notebooks we’ve ever had – we’re going to have one version... for users that want to go overclock.[/i]

"The challenge when overclocking on a notebook is a little bit different because you can’t throw crazy heatsinks at it, but certain gamers like to have that availability, and frankly a lot of the notebook designs can support some amount of overclocking." From AMD’s newly announced range of CPUs (see below) this CPU seems to be the 2.3GHz Phenom II X920 Black Edition.

 Vision 2010 CPU Specifications
Mainstream Platform
Model NameFrequencyCoresCacheFloating Point UnitTDP
AMD Phenom II X920 Black Edition2.3GHz42MB L2128-bit45W
AMD Phenom II X620 Black Edition3.1GHz22MB L2128-bit45W
AMD Phenom II N9302GHz42MB L2128-bit35W
AMD Phenom II P9201.6GHz42MB L2128-bit25W
AMD Phenom II N8302.1GHz31.5MB L2128-bit35W
AMD Phenom II P8201.8GHz31.5MB L2128-bit25W
AMD Phenom II N6202.8GHz22MB L2128-bit35W
AMD Phenom II N5302.5GHz22MB L2128-bit35W
AMD Phenom II P5202.3GHz22MB L2128-bit25W
AMD Phenom II N3302.3GHz21MB L264-bit35W
AMD Phenom II P3202.1GHz21MB L264-bit25W
AMD V1202.2GHz1512KB L264-bit25W
Ultrathin Platform
Model NameFrequencyCoresCacheFloating Point UnitTDP
AMD Turion II Neo K6651.7GHz22MB L2128-bit15W
AMD Turion II Neo K6251.5GHz22MB L2128-bit15W
AMD Athlon II Neo K3251.3GHz22MB L264-bit12W
AMD Athlon II Neo K1251.7GHz11MB L264-bit12W
AMD V1051.2GHz1512KB L264-bit9W

However, Vision and the launch event wasn’t really concerned with components and specs, but focussed more on strategy and specific products. And we saw a lot of laptops with Vision 2010 stickers, from all kinds of big-hitting manufacturers and from ultrathin to ultra-powerful – have a look on page 2.
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