Antec VP550P Preview

February 18, 2011 | 11:00

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Antec VP550P Preview

Manufacturer: Antec

Clearly aimed at Corsair's Builder-series PSUs, Antec's latest budget VP-series of power supplies will soon be available in 350W, 450W and 550W models. In fact, we're told that the 450W units are already in local distributors in Europe, and that the 550W model previewed here will retail for around $60.

You might be looking for the 80Plus logo, but unfortunately the VP550P doesn't have one. That's not because it lacks the efficiency to get the certification, claims Antec, but because the 80Plus program requires the PSU to be compatible with both 110V and 230V inputs. However, the 'P' in the VP550P indicates that this is a 230V-only PSU.

Antec will only ship the P-model parts to shores such as Blighty, but you now at least know to look at the model number, just in case some distributors don't recognise the difference between P and non-P models.

Antec VP550P Preview Antec VP550P Preview
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Despite its low price, the VP550P is manufactured by reputable PSU maker Delta, so we're very keen to test one and gauge its real worth.

The PSU comes with the usual black case and cable braid found on many PSUs these days, and it also has a 120mm cooling fan in the top. However, we didn't see the PSU in action, so we can't comment on the noise level yet. As you may have also noticed, the PSU is non-modular - again to keep the cost down - which means you'll need to put it in a case with cable-hiding cubbyholes.

Antec VP550P Preview Antec VP550P Preview
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On this 550W model, the cables include:
  • 2x 8-pin PCI-E
  • 4+4-pin EPS 12V
  • 20+4-pin ATX
  • 5x SATA power plugs
  • 4x Molex power plugs
  • 1x floppy power plug
Antec VP550P PreviewWhile we're on the subject of PSUs, Antec also admitted exclusively to bit-tech that it's going to narrow down its currently large range of models (which currently features an incredible 57 units) over the course of this year. The company will be phasing out some brands, and concentrating on a more uniform outlook instead.

We can't argue with that logic, because it should make buying decisions easier, especially if the price is right. We just hope that the quality is kept uniform across the ranges as well.

As ever, Antec clearly sees Corsair as its direct competitor in the PSU business. However, Corsair currently appears to be working on the opposite strategy of inflating its PSU range in terms of different models. Which strategy will ultimately work out? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.

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