be quiet! Pure Loop 360 AIO Review

Written by bit-tech Staff

April 12, 2021 | 14:00

Tags: #cooler #cpu-cooler

The newest and arguably most hirsute member of the bit-tech review team, Andy Makin, puts his cooling expertise to good use by taking an in-depth look at the be quiet! Pure Loop 360 all-in-one cooler. Are beards necessary to feature on bit-tech? No, but they certainly help!

Andy is a popular figure in the bit-tech community and Discord channel, so for his first video - one of many, we hope - he brings his unique blend of insight and humour to the review canvas. 

Equipped with a 360mm radiator and sporting an interesting refill port, be quiet! offers sleek aesthetics by moving the pump further along the sleeved tubes. Watch the full video to find out what Andy thinks of be quiet!'s £120 cooler.

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