CeBIT 2007 Content Index

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March 17, 2007 | 10:31

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Here's a handy link to all our content from CeBIT 2007 - highlighted items are rather unmissable...

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Day Four

Day Three

  • XFX to release nForce 680i SLI LT mobo
    XFX was showing off an unreleased nForce 680i SLI LT motherboard on its stand today. We can't give you many details on the chipset, but you can look at pretty pictures.

  • OCZ controls games with your mind
    Who said you need keyboard and mouse to play PC games... why not use your mind instead?

  • DDR3: Not so wonderful right now
    The general consensus at both motherboard and memory manufacturers at this year's trade show is that DDR3 isn't going to break into the market with a bang. Quite the opposite in fact.

Day Two

Day One

  • Sounds of Asus heard in Hannover
    How about a PCI-Express x1 sound card? We've certainly been waiting for one ever since the first PCI-Express mobos came out back in 2004. Asus' soundcard could be what the doctor ordered...

  • Team Group displays prototype 128GB SSD
    Solid state storage is going to be a big thing this year. Team Group showed us a prototype 128GB SSD, but performance isn't up to scratch just yet...

  • OCZ to break PC11000 barrier soon
    OCZ showed us what is believed to be the world’s fastest DDR2 memory yesterday, rated at a lofty PC11200 or 1400MHz.

  • ThermalRight Teams up to create crazy memories
    Team Group showed us the fruits of its collaboration with leading heatsink manufacturer, ThermalRight, today - did you ever wonder if your heatspreaders were big enough?

  • Cooler Master shows concept case design
    While we were crawling around the show, we spotted a new concept case that Cooler Master is working on.

  • Corsair to use DHX cooling on all XMS2 modules
    Corsair has decided to disband its popular “flashy LED” XMS2 Pro-series modules in favour of moving to the newer, and more efficient, DHX cooling solution used on its high-end Dominator modules.

  • Next Asus ROG board dubbed 'Sauternes'
    We managed to get some information on the next two additions to Asus’ Republic Of Gamers motherboard line-up. It's codenamed 'Sauternes' and is based on Intel's Bearlake chipset.

  • Sandisk shows off 2.5" 32GB SSD
    Sandisk has showed us its latest addition to its solid state hard disk lineup: a 32GB 2.5" SSD that's dubbed a drop in replacement for your current SATA-based notebook hard drive.

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