Corsair ICUE LT100 Starter Kit Review

June 30, 2020 | 15:11

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Manufacturer: CORSAIR

UK price: £129.99

US price: $129.99

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In today's review, I take a look at the brand-new Corsair iCUE LT100 starter kit. It's part of the iCUE smart lighting ecosystem and features 92 RGB LEDs in total. These extend your setups' RGB lighting from not only your PC and peripherals but now these to these lighting towers too. 

It integrates with your media, voice and Corsair iCUE-compatible games as well as synchronising across all of your Corsair devices within your setup, where you can choose current presets or customise entirely. It also has a headset stand attachment included, providing your headset a lovely new home.


  • Material: Aluminium post and base
  • Headset Holder: Plastic
  • Tower 1(with button): With controller, white diffuser silicone
  • Tower 2:(without button): No controller, white diffuser silicone 
  • Preset Lighting Effects: 11 with push-button control
  • LEDs: 46 RGB LEDs
  • Corsair iCUE Enabled
  • Cable: 1.5m Micro USB to USB Type-A
  • Power input (AC adapter): 5V 1.8m
  • Dimensions (without headset holder): 422mm(L) x 95mm(W) x 95mm(H)
  • Dimensions (with headset holder): 423mm(L) x 95mm(W) x 106mm(H)

Box Contents: 

  • 2 x smart lighting towers with reversible connectors
  • Straight RGB cable
  • Micro USB to USB Type-A cable
  • External power supply
  • Headset holder accessory
  • Quick start guide

You can easily expand with the additional LT100 extension kit. This can be purchased for £59.99 and it includes one smart lighting tower and 1 x Y RGB cable that connects directly to your existing towers. The maximum number of towers you can have is four, which has a total of 184 RGB LEDs including the starter kit.

Setting up the LT100 is really simple, pretty much a case of plug in and play. Open up the iCUE software, make sure the firmware update is completed, and then you can customise as much as you want! I really enjoyed the fact that it integrates with the games and media you play just like all the Corsair peripherals within the ecosystem. It gives you a very immersive experience and definitely looks the part if you want all of the RGB aesthetics within your setup. 

The headset holder accessory is a nice addition, it's easy to install and definitely gives your headset(s) a stylish-looking home, instead of them just being left on a desk and looking untidy. 

I would've really liked a USB pass-through feature included in one of the LT100 bases, as there is on the headset ST100 stand.  With these being rather expensive, adding it would've definitely offered more bang for the buck.

Here are my final thoughts:

The Good:

  • RGB looks great in setups
  • Headset stand attachment
  • 11 Preset profiles/full customisation
  • Video/audio lighting effects for full immersion

The Not So Good:

  • Would prefer to have a longer RGB cable to allow for my two-system setup
  • Could do with a USB pass-through?
  • Lots of wires can look untidy if not cable managed correctly
  • Quite expensive

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