Bit-Tech's 12 Games of Christmas - Part 2

Written by Jake Tucker

December 29, 2015 | 14:18

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Welcome to part 2 of Bit-Tech's 12 games of christmas. Basically they're just locking me in my room with a lot of games. In 2015 my backlog has grown massively. I've still not played half of the games I own on Steam.

This creates a problem - because while I'm finishing the games I have to review there's a lot of great games I'm not playing. I want to remedy that, so for a day at a time I'll go into my game collection and pick something I've never played. Then I'll write words on whether it's good or bad and post it up for you guys to enjoy - who knows, perhaps it's something you've missed too.

Bear in mind that I haven't finished any of these games and I've only played through a few hours so this isn't a full review, just my initial feelings.

This is part 2, with 4 piping hot chunks of wordy goodness. You'll get the third and final one on new year's eve.

Bit-Tech's 12 Games of Christmas - Part 2

On The Fifth Day of Christmas: The Beginners Guide
Year: 2015

The Beginner's Guide is interesting, because discussing its themes is tantamount to spoiling the experience.

On the surface, The Beginners Guide wants to tell you a story. Davey Wheden starts by talking you through a few of the creations made by a game maker he knows, Coda.

As the game continues you find out more and more about Coda's creative process and Wheden's feelings on it. While the game is all created by Wheden, the fiction implies you're walking through a series of unfinished prototypes while Wheden talks you through the ideas behind them.

Along the way the games, and the narrative behind them, starts to unravel and you start to see a bunch more.

I actually played the game from start to finish in a single sitting and I enjoyed what was there, but it's more of an experience than a game, clocking in at around 2 hours. Didn't detract from things for me but if you prefer your games to be "gamey" this could be one to miss.

Buy this if:
you enjoy walking simulators, vague melancholy feelings.

Bit-Tech's 12 Games of Christmas - Part 2

On The Sixth Day Of Christmas: Dr Langerskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald
Year: 2015

I didn't have much time on this day, so I wanted something short and sweet.

Dr Langeskov, The Tiger and The Terribly Cursed Emerald fits the bill, with a title almost longer than the 20 minutes it takes to play through it.

It's a heist game but, not really. It's gently mocking some of the conventions of both games and theatre and is essentially a tightly bound and cleverly written bundle of jokes designed to be devoured whole.

Like the game above there's a lot of walking and exploration here and it's not particularly gamey, but I like to view this as an interactive comedy skit. You'll blow through it in 20 minutes but there's a string of solid jokes tied up with Simon Amstell's narration.

Here's the kicker: It's totally free. So download the game and give it a whirl.

Buy This If:
You're short on time, but want a complete slice of game. You can finish this in a lunch hour or while food is cooking, no sweat.
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