Corepad Gaming Surface

Written by Rob Young

April 23, 2004 | 01:00

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Installation? It's a mouse mat! Well not just a mouse mat, the Corepad is supplied with 15cm of, the now quite common; Teflon tape:

Corepad Gaming Surface Usage

This cuts easily and sticks over the feet on the base of your mouse to help it glide along the mat. 15cm is quite a lot of Teflon tape, I used less than a quarter of it on my Explorer 3 mouse so you needn't worry about it wearing, there's plenty spare for reapplication if it does.

Using the Corepad.

I'm happy to say that I was delighted with the performance of the Corepad, my mouse glided along its surface effortlessly. This was largely due to the Teflon tape of course, but some credit has to be given to the Corepad, it did find it nice to use even without the tape.

I've had the pleasure of using all of the best mouse mats out there and consider this pad to be as good as any of them in use.

Summing Up.

Corepad Gaming Surface Usage

As nice as any of the mats that we've given awards to to use, so is the Corepad worthy of one? It's size and shape are both excellent, it's well packaged and comes with plenty of spare Teflon tape, a nice bonus, and its hardened safety glass construction should guarantee longevity (though you probably won't be throwing this around at a LAN party as you might a plastic mat). The only real hang-ups I have about the Corepad are; its price, twice some of its competition, and its orange/grey design, it does very little for me and aesthetics have always been important in the mouse mat industry. The bottom line for me is this, the Corepad is competition for the Icemat on every front but looks and cost, where the Icemat wins hands down.

Your personal taste probably differs from mine and if you happen to find the Corepad attractive then I'm sure it'll serve you well, it's a very good mouse mat. If not don't fear, Corepad can print custom designs on their pads and hopefully some retailers will have snazzy designs printed!

  • Performance
  • Teflon tape
  • Size
  • Desk tight
  • Glass construction (longevity, weight)

  • Looks
  • Glass construction (weight, small shatter risk)
  • Thickness (may bother some)
  • Cost - twice the price of some of its competition

Corepad Gaming Surface Usage

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